Why Talk Fusion Wins Another Award in 2016

Talk Fusion, one of the fastest growing communications companies in the world is now celebrating its win on a big award this year. The Talk Fusion video chat product made the grade and brought home a win for the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award with the Video Chat product.

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The award only goes to those communications companies which have proven to create and implement the most innovative products in the communications industry. The competitors must create a product that can be used on voice, data, and through video communications as well. The awards don’t go out for only those products which are new, but they are also given to those who have worked hard to improve upon products that have been released within the last twelve months.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC says that these companies are the true leaders in their respective industry, and the awards go to the best of the best, hands down. The WebRTC technology is what Talk Fusion won their award or, and CEO Bob Reina worked very hard along with his team to ensure that this was the case. The all-in-one marketing solution for communications leader Talk Fusion has far surpassed what Reina imagined he would be able to do. He credits his team with the commitment to stay ahead of the curve and continue to create products that are innovative and nothing less than the best.

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