Waiakea Water is Different & It Shows

There are a lot of bottled waters on the market and most of them try to claim that they are somehow different than the rest. When it comes down to it though, you should remember that at the core they are all just water. There is nothing inherently special about most of the water on the earth, its just two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen after all. There are waters that have added elements such as flavorings or vitamins, and there are various waters that claim to have special super secret flirtation methods, but at the core again they are all just water. With that in mind, there is no reason to say that Waiakea Water is somehow something more than just water. There is, however, room to say that Waiakea Water is a decidedly different offering in the bottled water market for a few key reasons. It is those reasons that have moved it into the number one growth brand in the bottled water category for the specialty convenience food and beverage sector.

Firstly, while most waters stand behind those super secret filtration methods, Waiakea’s filtration system is not fancy, complicated, or secret. Waiakea Water is collected from a natural aquifer under a real Hawaiian volcano. The water is pumped up through more than 14,000 feet of porous volcanic stone. Along the way it becomes pure and at the same time it picks up natural organic properties that make it one of the most unique waters on the planet. There is no other water brand that can claim that they can provide the purity and health benefits of real Hawaii volcanic water. Many have claimed that the very specific Waiakea Water pH., which comes from the exposure to the volcanic rock, as well as the elemental components that the water picks up during the process, has been the foundation of better health and longer life for the native Hawaiian people for hundreds of years.

The second thing that helps to set Waiakea Water apart from the other water brands on the market has nothing to do with the water and more to do with the commitment that the company has to the environment and sustainability. Waiakea is the only major label water brand on the market as of now that uses the new biodegradable plastic bottles featuring TimePLast® Nano-Degradation™ plastic which breaks down fully in as little as 15 years versus over a hundred for traditional plastics, and yet is still fully recyclable.

The last way that Waiakea Water is different also has nothing to do with the water itself and more to do with the principle of ‘ohana that the company lives by. ‘Ohana is the Hawaiian concept of family and community. Waiakea Water strives to treat everyone who works at the company like family. From the lowest mailroom clerk to the CEO, everyone at Waiakea is a part of the family. They share a sense of camaraderie, duty, and pride in everything that they do, and it comes across in their products.

Waiakea water is one of the fastest growing water brands in the market and for good reason, three good reasons to be exact. There is a lot that the other major players in the bottled water industry could learn from them and in the spirit of a’o (Hawaiian for learning), Waiakea Water would be happy to teach them.


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