The Views Of James Dondero On Alternative Investment

James Dondero is well-known as the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He is currently holding the post of President in this firm. His company provides advice on investment. At present, the firm along with its affiliates possesses assets of more than $18 billion.


This firm of James Dondero is making use of many classes as well as structures of its assets. These would comprise of separate accounts and hedge funds, in addition to distressed besides private equity. Next are the CLOs along with mutual funds and ETFs.


His firm, namely, Highland Capital Management has always been considered as a leader in managing a range of alternative assets. Besides, it focuses on healthcare too. The assets in healthcare are worth nearly $2.3 billion.


James Dondero is also managing NexPoint Capital. This is not all. He is on the Board of Directors for several companies. These are MGM Studios along with the American Banknote Corporation. James Dondero is on the Board Of Directors of companies like CCS Medical besides Cornerstone Healthcare and even NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc.


He has over 30 years of experience in his relevant field. James Dondero is an investor in credit as well as the equity markets. Besides, he is a pioneer in using the Collateralized Loan Obligation, which is also called as CLO.


The education of James Dondero is from the University of Virginia. He studied accounting along with finance here. After completing his studies, he joined Protective Life, which is a subsidiary of GIC. He worked as the Chief Investment Officer over here. He was employed here from 1989 and continues till 1993. During his tenure, the business grew beyond $2 billion.


He is a Certified Management Accountant as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Currently, James Dondero is based in Dallas.


James Dondero is looking into investment strategies. His other area of interest is operations at the Highland Capital Management. He is looking after retail products as well as institutional solutions over here.


Under his leadership, the funds have managed to receive several awards. These include the 5-star designation. This was for Global Allocation and awarded by Morningstar. This award came in 2014.

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