Talos Energy Is Ready To Embrace A Bright New Future After Huge Merger:

In a huge financial move, Houston, Texas’s Talos Energy has joined the ranks of publically traded company’s upon its merger with the Louisiana based company Stone Energy. The end result of the huge merger is that the company created out of it is significantly more powerful in its influence. Talos Energy now has major Gulf drilling operations offshore on the Mexican and United States sides. Tim Duncan, Talos Energy Chief Executive Officer, has expressed that he is ecstatic about this huge deal that is transforming his company.

At this point it is clear that Talos Energy has put itself in a perfect position to take advantage of the impressive portfolio of assets that it already enjoys. It is even more impressive considering that only six years ago, Talos was a new company. The Stone Energy merger and the subsequent public listing is the second big bit of news for Talos Energy in the last year or so as the company was part of a coalition of drilling firms that were part of the Zama discovery that was revealed off the shores of Mexico. This discovery was huge as it was the first to occur after massive reforms in Mexico’ energy laws.

Timothy Duncan Founded Talos Energy in 2012 as an energy firm that would focus its efforts on exploratory drilling development. The Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast have always been at the heart of Talos Energy’s focus as far as its explorations. Through steadfast determination and willingness to take risks, Talos Energy has become a major playing in the area of exploration. The merger with Stone Energy is a perfect fit as the company was also an exploratory operation focussing on the Gulf. Adding the significant Stone Energy resources to the resources of Talos Energy is a massive move that greatly increases the company’s footprint. The other benefit from the merger is that it was a creative way for Talos to gain a public listing, being able to simply absorb Stone Energy’s public listing that the company already had. This development along with the Zama discover has the future looking bright for Talos.

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