Talkspace: Breaking Barriers in Mental Health Treatment

Talkspace, a remote therapy offering taking off in New York City, is changing the stigma about the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, particularly depression. Socially, depression has become the scarlet letter of a generation in which the disease is characterized as ‘abnormal’ or ‘crazy‘; however, nearly seven percent of Americans struggle to combat it. Talkspace is providing a market for those suffering with depression to properly treat the condition without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Talkspace also features relevant, professional, and experienced counselors who have a passion for helping those struggling with depression. It seems that the market for in-home treatment of mental illness is largely untapped- Talkspace is filling that void.

A recent review on ‘The Mighty’ cites several benefits to the new form of treatment including affordability and flexibility. Talkspace makes professional therapy accessible to all, even on a restricted budget. For about 128 dollars a month, those struggling with mental illness can be paired with a licensed therapist. This means that more people can be helped because the outrageous price-tag of in-office care can be avoided. Further, the treatment is flexible, allowing clients to receive care from anywhere they choose and even postpone treatment for up to 30 days. Summarily, Talkspace is providing a new paradigm to the treatment of mental illness and reducing the real obstacles that dissuade the depressed from seeking help.

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