Jason Hope Is A Philanthropist With A Cause Close To His Heart:

Aubrey de Grey founded the SENS Foundation in 2009. The organization strives to change the public’s perception of aging in order to move the goal toward revolutionary change rather than treatment of symptoms. SENS defines its overall mission as being to “transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.” It has pioneered what is referred to as the SENS approach. This involves the repairing of living cells and otehr material with patients bodies to prevent effects of aging.

Promising research organizations from outside of the research of SENS have also received funding from SENS. The organization has provided funding to Cambridge, the University of Arizona, Yale and Harvard. SENS Foundation also spends a large amount of its focus on outreach to people of influence including politicians.

Aubrey de Grey, the visionary founder of SENS is also the organizations chief science officer. He was raised in London and studied at Cambridge, earning his PhD in 2000. Aubrey is a leading pioneer in the anti-aging field. The SENS Foundation performs medical research at its laboratories and performs ongoing outreach to the public to give further education on aging.

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale, Arizona philanthropist who is passionate about supporting anti-aging reserch. He is an avid supporter of the SENS Foundation and made his first donation to the organization in 2010. The donation was in the amount of $500 thousand. Jason Hope’s generous donations help SENS to develop medications taht have been termed as “AGE-breakers.”

His donation has help in the establishment of an important lab program located at Cambridge University. Jason Hope is so passionate about this subject because in his opinion, conventional health care has only really sought to manage diseases such as Alzheimer’s, lung diseases, heart diseases and other ailments. He wants to support oranizations looking to solve these issues. Jason Hope also like to actively encourage all people of all income levels to find a way to support philanthropic causes.

Jason Hope believes that scientists are genuinely moving toward the potential to revese the aging process. Medications that target specific cells are one promising development.

Jason Hope has had great success as an entrepreneur and investor. He has a masters degree in business administration and has founded multiple tech-related start ups. He has had numerous successful Phoenix area companies. His current residence is in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope also donates money to other medical activities as well as enducational nonprofits. His work benefits the people of Arizona and the entire world.

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