A Blog on the Move

Here we are again at another blog space. Let’s go back to the beginning, the how and why our blog, Rag Dolls Rising, has been on a tour of the blogosphere for the last two years.

When I first thought it would be interesting to share some of the process of creating my dolls I started a blog on the simplest platform out there Blogger. To open an account you go to Blogspot, click a few button and voila, you have a free blog. It was limited, as  a very small number of template were available, and us visual people need choices!

my first blog

This is how I pictured my first blog on Blogger

So researching and asking my friends, I discovered the next most user-friendly blog platform was WordPress.com. Here the user has a couple hundred themes to choose from, (Yeh!!) plus there were all kinds of options in the blog dashboard to customize the way  the blog worked . WordPress.com also hosts a large forum community. All these things convinced me this was the place to be.

blog place 2

The visual of my WordPress.com blog

I was happy here for about a year and a half until I heard about WordPress.org. The  main difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is that .org blogs need to be held at a paid hosting service. The hosting service I signed up for was costing about $85 a year…. you can  pick from over 300 theme templates that are enabled to accept hundreds of plugs-ins, wiz bang little programs that run inside your blog. Set-up movie theaters, slide shows, games, stores…all within one blog.

third blog place

My place (blog), at WordPress.org

This was really great right? No, not for me. Because I was in charge of keeping everything in sync. You are warned from the beginning that “you’re on your own”.  Well how hard could it be?In terms of my house analogy, I had to mow the yard, fix the sprinklers, repair the alarm system, in short had to figure everything out myself.

Don’t know how to do some of this?, sorry, we told you… “you’re on your own”.  So the things I didn’t know how to fix, I did anyway, some broke, some were never the same again. After about a month my place seemed to look like this-

blog last

Winchester House

Yes, the Winchester Mystery house. Stairways running into brick walls, doors that open to nowhere. So I locked the house up and walked away, didn’t look back, didn’t even try a short sale.last blog house

Finally, I’ve come back to WordPress.com, a different address but the same neighborhood. Yes, bigger is not always better, ahhhh…home sweet home.