Professional Product Photography

Have you ever tried to make an idea happen only to find yourself hitting your head against a brick wall? This is what happened to me in January of 2010 when I first started Rag Dolls Rising.

Having been a graphic artist for many years it was not difficult to come up with a logo and other identity graphics for my business, but I had one visual that became difficult to obtain, professional photographs of my dolls with kids. It seemed like it would be helpful for people to see the scale of the dolls in children’s  hands and would be a great marketing tool.

I called around locally, the photographers had the equipment but not the kids. I called modeling agencies, they had the kids but with a contract to hire them for a minimum of one day, plus make-up and wardrobe- yes, I am not joking, this was more of a commitment than I was ready for at the time. . .  so I kind of gave it up.

October 2013, I receive an email from photographer Jessica Fitzgerald. Jessica had seen my dolls on Etsy and felt they would make a good addition to her children’s photography props. When I looked at Jessica’s work I was instantly blow away. Her images of kids in the sunshine with earthy tones was exactly how I pictured my doll, in a perfect world; in the arms of a child running through fields of grass. A connection was made, I would supply Jessica, (DBA Adella Photography), with a doll in exchange for professional photos.  I absolutely love what she came up with, and how did she match the dolls dress to that wallpaper? I couldn’t be happier with the pictures that Jessica supplied to me.  Visit Jessica’s facebook page to see more of her wonderful photography.

Patience does pay off!

Featuring Kids and their Dolls or Dolls and their Kids

It’s such a thrill when someone sends a photo of their child holding their new Rag Doll… but backing up to the beginning… after the initial idea of what a new group of Rag Dolls are going to look like I pick out the fabrics, cut out the pieces and start the construction process. Working assembly line fashion, because after getting machines and tools set up to make a certain part, it only makes sense to assembly all dolls I’m working on up to that stage at once.

After the dolls are stuffed I slow way down. Each doll is an individual, the hair, face, clothing details develop as I realize their personalities. I’ve been asked how long it takes to make a doll which is very hard to answer, I just keep working out the details until it’s complete.

O.K., yes I admit it, I talk to the dolls, especially when I’m packing them up to ship them, I tell them I enjoyed making them and that they are going to a wonderful new home, and when I receive pictures like these… it just make it all worth it, thanks everyone for the photos!

Showgirl Rag Doll Rachel’s Adventure


This is Rachel, one of the new Rag Dolls Rising Premium Dolls. I didn’t mention it in the previous post but this is a new line in addition to the dolls we already have in our Etsy store. We call them Premium because they are sewn with speciality fabrics and take extra time for the wonderful accessories.

Anyway… Rachel came from a midwest family and had three brothers. Her father became a local hero when he saved the fire1whole town from disaster, extinguishing a blazing fire at the local market with his garden hose.

Of course her three brothers became firemen, but Rachel had other plans.She moved to Las Vegas in 2005 to attend UNLV with a major in Microbiology. It was her dream to find the cure for a disease.

Although Rachel found a roommate her finances were holding her back from taking all the class that she wanted to. One morning over granola and green tea, her roommate, Julie, suggested she get a job dancing at the Tropicana Rachel1-lrHotel’s Follies Bergere. She started in June of 2006 and loved it so much she decided to stay.