Showgirl Rag Doll Justin’s Adventure

Justin3-lrJustine grew up in Las Vegas, attending grade school, middle school, and high school there. She made many friends along the way, Justine was just a very likable doll.

When Justine turned 18, a neighbor, who owned the Blooms & More flower shop downtown said she would be more than happy to give Justine a job as a delivery driver. Justine accepted her offer gratefully. She had a very hard time finding someone dependable to make the flower runs, which always seemed to result in losing clients. Three big companies had just changed florists because of inept drivers.

Weaving in and out of traffic all day didn’t bother Justine. Whither dodging tourists with tall margarita glasses or having a tour bus lay on their horn because she wasn’t going fast enough, nothing seemed to frazzle her… nothing… except the Las Vegas summer.

The delivery van had top-notch refrigeration in the back for the flowers, but up front, there was none. On a regular 110 degree summer day it was hard to be cheery with no air conditioning.

It was mid July, a sweltering 115 degrees when Justine was ready to end her route by making her regular drop off of 20 dozen lilies to the backstage door of Hallelujah Hollywood at Bally’s Hotel. Pushing her dolly brimming with flower boxes, she nodded to Dot, the backstage manager. “Justine you look awful”, she caught her reflection in a mirror and almost scared herself. Her face beet red, limp hair hanging in her eyes. Dot motioned for Justine to sit in a chair, while she returned to a pensive phone conversation, than SLAM! she hung up.

What’s the matter with you? said Justine. Dots eyes focused on Justin with a sudden sparkle. Justin, you’ve been coming here for years, a delivery girl that looks like a model, are you ready to make a change? Justin replied, honestly, I have been thinking along those lines myself. Dot grabbed a Showgirl costume from a hanger, put this on and meet me stage right behind the curtain. Feeling somewhat refreshed after resting, Justine thought, what do I have to lose?


Every night at 6pm and 11pm the grand finale number would included sinking the Titanic . Each chorus girl represented a piece of the ship. It seems Pam, one of the girls in the show had just quit, Justin was to be her replacement.

Justin1-lrA short time later Justine emerged from the dressing room looking every bit a Las Vegas Showgirl. Scurrying up behind her was Dot with Justine’s piece of the Titanic.

The curtain rose, the Titanic once again had four smoke stacks and Justine had a new career.

Showgirl Rag Doll Rachel’s Adventure


This is Rachel, one of the new Rag Dolls Rising Premium Dolls. I didn’t mention it in the previous post but this is a new line in addition to the dolls we already have in our Etsy store. We call them Premium because they are sewn with speciality fabrics and take extra time for the wonderful accessories.

Anyway… Rachel came from a midwest family and had three brothers. Her father became a local hero when he saved the fire1whole town from disaster, extinguishing a blazing fire at the local market with his garden hose.

Of course her three brothers became firemen, but Rachel had other plans.She moved to Las Vegas in 2005 to attend UNLV with a major in Microbiology. It was her dream to find the cure for a disease.

Although Rachel found a roommate her finances were holding her back from taking all the class that she wanted to. One morning over granola and green tea, her roommate, Julie, suggested she get a job dancing at the Tropicana Rachel1-lrHotel’s Follies Bergere. She started in June of 2006 and loved it so much she decided to stay.