Zumanity Backstage Tour

backstage pass to Zumanity

Zumanity at New York NY HotelWhat an informative and inspirational afternoon I had last Thursday, thanks to the Las Vegas branch of the American Sewing Guild and the Zumanity show at the New York New York Hotel, Las Vegas.

Zumanity, from the creators of Cirque du Soleil, is an adult oriented production show with wild and wonderful sets and costumes. Getting a chance to see some of these up close and personal was a fabulous treat.

Barb at Zumanity

Barb Nolen

This is Barb Nolan, our guide and Wardrobe Dresser extraordinaire. She is explaining how these plastic boned corsets will cinch up the waist of an already svelte performer 4″ to 6″. Barb has been working with the show ten years, and we really appreciated her spending nearly three hours with us on her day off.

The small space behind Barb is actually about one-third of the space where 24 wardrobe specialist ply their craft, giving togetherness a whole new meaning.

Lesley, Zumanity

Lesley Barrett

To the left is Assistant Head of Wardrobe, Lesley Barrett. Lesley has a degree in Fine Arts and Costume Design. We found her among a jumble of beads and rhinestones attached to a black mesh body suit, meticulously inspecting it for any imperfections to repair.


I never realized how much went on in the wardrobe area of a production show:

  • 45 minutes of hand washing special costumes, every night -
  • Someone needs to do the glamorous job of picking lint and feathers off of the hair costumes every night, also finding stray beads onstage and returning them to their origin -
  • Carrying around costumes that weight 25 lbs. and more, yes, sewing isn’t for sissies -

Me, among the notions and novelties

Exiting through the opulent Zumanity lobby I had a realization that a strong work ethic and dedication are what make this show run like a fine tuned ( and sequined), machine.

a sign backstage in the dressing room

I loved this sign in the dressing room