Passion Driven Healthcare IT Expert and Entrepreneur that is Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a passionate healthcare Information Technology entrepreneur who aims at creating a unique and dynamic company culture that is attractive, getting involved in building high caliber and seasoned teams, as well as trusted client partnerships. Madden has spent a decade collaborating with the best minds in the healthcare industry. His focus necessitates optimizing, troubleshooting, implementing, taking and solving complex challenges that come with the Electronic Medical Record projects. This has culminated from his passion and experience in the Electronic Medical Records field.

Move to Nordic Consulting Partners

Drew served as the president of the Nordic Consulting Partners between 2011 and 2016, having joined the organization in 2010. Nordic Consulting Partners is the largest Epic consulting wing company in the world and has received numerous KLAS awards for excellence in consulting. Under Drew Madden’s tenure, Nordic ranked number one for Epic Implementation services between 2012 and 2014. Madden also managed to grow Nordic Consulting Partners employees from 10 to 725, 3 to 150 client partners and $1 million to $ 130 million in annual revenue.

Drew Madden had previously worked for a subsidiary of United Healthcare, Ingenix Consulting, as the Regional Sales Director before joining Nordic. He worked in business development as well as an Epic Consultant where he helped and partnered with healthcare organizations on implementation strategy.

His Career in IT

Madden’s Healthcare IT career started at the Cerner Corporation where he implemented solutions to inpatients. In 2005, Madden joined Healthia Consulting still on the implementation roles. Healthia Later purchased Ingenix Consulting. He later moved to the Business Development position. He looks forward to creating and implementing strong and efficient workforce for long-term success. Madden’s experience in the world of IT is meant to benefit all players that he comes into partnerships with. He is also a managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. This company provides Healthcare Information Technology expertise to their partners who hail from all over the country. Madden graduated from Iowa College of Engineering with a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering with a focus in Medical Systems.

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