José Henrique Borghi Provides Reliable Advertising Service

José Henrique Borghi is a highly reputable advertising consultant and successful entrepreneur. José Henrique Borghi runs one of the most reliable advertising services in Brazil and is well respected by clients and peers. His advertising firm, Mullen Lowe, provides outstanding services to clients from all walks of life and comes highly recommended in the industry.

José Henrique Borghi has been catering entrepreneurs, organizations, corporate executives and other professionals and is considered a top advertising and marketing consultant. He takes the time to address his clients’ concerns and strives to get them the best possible results in their situation.

Good advertising persuades current customers and prospective customers to make a purchase or respond to your offers. Effective and continuous advertising and marketing promotions are essential for success in business or other endeavors.

With globalization and the advancement in technology, companies are now able to reach a massive audience and present their products and services to their target audience. Any business or company that wants to attract the attention of prospects and build a relationship with existing customers, should consider getting expert assistance. José Henrique Borghi on Facebook.

Choosing a marketing consultant or advertising firm in Brazil can be easy if you know where to look. There are many advertising and marketing firms and consultants that want to help you reach your target audience in Brazil but it is crucial to choose a company that has an established history of rendering excellent service to clients.

José Henrique Borghi is a clear choice for anyone who wants to achieve great results with their advertising. He has rendered great advertising and promotional services for many years and is well versed in a variety of ways to attract the attention of prospects and get them to respond favorably. Let José Henrique Borghi help you reach your target audience.

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Cool, Cool, Colol in the Summertime with Goettl

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical is a heating and cooling company that began service back in 1926. This company is committed to the highest quality of service to its customers.

Goettl’s is a company that has grown steadily over time. At one point the Goettl company held more than one hundred patents for heating and air conditioning. Over the ninety year span of the company Goettl’s has been able to keep up with the pace of technology and most importantly, keep its consumers happy. This is especially true in the heat of the summer sun. Here are some secrets to help people save money when the sun is at its worst.

It will assist owners in being more energy efficient and help them save money in the long run which is a definite win-win.

The first step is to have good maintenance with the units. Owners have to make sure to keep debris out of the system in order for it to work at optimal efficiency. It also means that owners must keep all trees and other plants a reasonable distance from the main HVAC or AC unit.

Another tip for homeowners is to use a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans work very well in circulating cool air throughout a room. Since most ceiling fans use much less energy than their older counterparts, this may be an effective way for people to save quite a bit of money in the long run.

A final tip is having your main unit placed in an area with some shade. If the main unit has to work in direct sunlight or a harsh afternoon sun, then the unit must work much harder in order to be more effective. Keeping the main unit shaded will use much less energy. Now owners can have more fun as well. View the company profile on

Here’s What Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Doing for Prostate Cancer

While virtually everybody with an able mind and of old enough age to interpret language understands that cancer is one of our modern world’s worst health problems, not everybody is aware of specific types of cancers, which types of people are more likely to fall to them, and what should be done prior to diagnosis. Fortunately for men around the entire United States of America, the National Football League will be running a line of videos to increase awareness of prostate cancer, more deadly to men in America than any other cancer besides lung cancer, called Prostate Pep Talk.

Some of the NFL’s best former coaches will be featured in commercials up through October 15th. Short snippets will be shown during games and on commercials during breaks, although the full two-minute long videos will be available on the Internet for enhanced viewing experiences. On August 30th, events for the Prostate Pep Talk campaign were held in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa, each having occurred at Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s four locations outside of its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. NFL players among the likes of Steve Largent, Simeon Rice, and DJ Shockley were a few of the big names present at these good-hearted events.

The National Football League Alumni Association, LabCorp, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America have banded together to give away 2,000 PSA screens, or Prostate Specific Antigen blood tests that detect existing prostate cancer or men being at risk for it. Every person after the 2,000th will only have to pay $25 for their prostate cancer tests. Fortunately for men who sign up for the free and discounted procedures, they can be performed at any licensed healthcare facility and also at any time with six months of obtaining the free certificates or the discount vouchers. Simply drop by LabCorb’s locations – any one or all 1,750 of them – in the United States.

Lime Crime: Changing The Shape of Cosmetics

Cosmetics have come a long way over the decades. These products can be used in a number of ways and for specific purposes. The industry rakes in the billions of dollars on an annual basis. Despite having a lot of great products, the industry is literally cluttered with copious amounts of products. This can leave the average consumer frustrated and with one look at the cosmetics isle, the feeling of anxiety will surely set in. Fortunately, this article is written for the savvy consumers who know how to navigate this cramped field.

When it comes to producing some of the best lipsticks, lip toppers and lip gloss products, there is one brand that stand high above the competition. Lime Crime is its name and eclectic cosmetics is its game. This brand is setting new trends throughout the industry. Created by Doe Deere, a former fashion designer, these products have the ability to give its users a unique look. The color tones are spectacular, especially when it comes to lip sticks. These colors include wicked (deep red), utopia (neon blue), red velvet (supreme red), squash (blood orange), peacock (vivid green), shroom (vivid purple) and many more. The options are nearly endless here, but there is a newer, more fresher color added to the category. Scandal has been creating a buzz as of late, and it is revolutionizing the game. This advanced liquid matte lipstick provides the ultimate glow when it comes to finishes. Scandal’s deep purple hue oozes sex appeal. It was designed to cause a stir as well as demand attention. CEO Doe Deere has another winner, which will definitely become a cult classic.

Lime Crime has set the world on fire in a sense, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Thanks to its large Pinterest presence, the products receive a ton of free press. For experiencing the brightest and boldest of colors, put down your old cosmetic brands and join Lime Crimes revolution.

Getting Up Close And Personal With Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a business leader in the real estate sector. He has worked in the industry for over a decade. Strauch has several clients in southern Florida, especially Miami. In an interview with Ideamensch, he revealed a few things about his business as well as himself.

When Samuel went to Miami, he noticed the city was transforming into a metropolitan area on the beach. Also, he saw that real estate was growing in the area. So, he decided to get investors and international clients for his new business. When asked about his typical day, Mr. Strauch explained to Ideamensch his days are always different. However, some things are common in all his working days. These include meetings with colleagues, investors, brokers, and clients in the industry. He said that networking with other people helps him find new properties and get new ideas.

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Samuel Strauch also talked about how he turns his ideas into profit. He credited his company’s success to creativity and forward thinking. With the help of his team, Samuel Strauch analyzes ideas to determine their viability. According to him, keeping an open mind is essential to bringing an idea to life. Samuel told Ideamensch about a trend that excites him. He said that he likes the new generation’s way of thinking. Mr. Strauch is fascinated by the way people work, live, socialize and travel these days.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel is a Florida-based licensed real estate agent. He has sold property in high-end areas including Hollywood, Miami Beach, Margate and Isles Beach area. Homelight has ranked Samuel Strauch among one of the best real estate agents in Miami Beach area.

In the majority of his transactions, he’s usually the buyer. He acquires buildings from property owners and sells it to his clients. Samuel attended some of the best universities in the United States, which include Harvard University.

The World is a Better Place with Avaaz

Avaaz is an online activist network, based in the US, whose role is to sensitize the public on issues that affect them, such as, human and animal rights, poverty, corruption, climate change and conflict. Avaaz was founded in 2007 by Res Publica, and Service Employees International Union. Res Publica is a group of public sector professionals who promote civic virtue, good governance and deliberate democracy. is a public policy advocacy group.

Ricken Patel, president of Avaaz, studied politics, philosophy and economics at the Balliol College, Oxford University and proceeded to do his Masters in Public Policy at Harvard University. He acquired skills such as election monitoring, restoring public faith and using online activism tools while working at International Crisis Groups and

Initially, Avaaz was funded by various organizations but since 2009, it relies solely on donations from individual members. Campaigns are conducted by campaigners who are stationed in over 30 countries including UK, Brazil, Lebanon and India. Campaign suggestions come from their members, with the support of teams of specialists. Their campaign tactics include tools such as public petitions, email-your-leader and videos. They sometimes use advertisements, rallies, friendly stunts and phone-ins.

Avaaz’s mission is to bridge the gap between the world that most people desire and the world we live in today. Avaaz supports progressive causes, such as, challenging Monsanto, building global support for refugees and calling on global mass action on issues that affect the society. In 2011 military intervention in Libya was made possible because of Avaaz’s efforts of establishing a no-fly zone over her.

In 2016, Avaaz was actively involved in the US elections as they were strongly campaigning against President Trump with the slogan “Defeat Donald Trump”. They even went an extra mile and created a software which assisted in overseas voter registration. This goes to show just how Avaaz are dedicated to their mission.

Ancient Weapon- Trabuco

Time evolves and it evolves technology has also been changing with time affecting how devices work and their usefulness. The change of technology does not only affect devices but also weapons.

Trabuco is one of the ancient weapons that originated from China and was mostly used by European countries. Trabuco is considered to be one of the most dangerous and effective weapons of the old times. The weapon was mostly preferred because of its simplicity as it did not use any kind of mechanism like other weapons including catapults, mangonels, as well as ballistae. Trabuco became more famous due to the way it was developed and its simple maintenance methods on Most fighters used Trabuco because it was able to aim further unlike any other weapon that existed during the time.

Trabuco is a weapon that converts gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy. However, not all energies are transformed into kinetic energy some of the energy is dissolute into sound and heat form. The weapon has been transforming since it was first manufactured. Listed below is how Trabuco has been developing.

The Tensile Trabuco
These were the first weapons and they were operated by men. The weapon was made in a way that it had a beam that enables people to pull it at the end. The first Trabuco was capable of delivering at list four shots per minute. However, it was rarely used due to its complicated con troll operations. The type of Trabuco did not last for long it was only used until the eleventh century.

The Hybrid Trabuco
The first Trabuco which was known as the traction Trabuco was found by the Arab merchants who decided to change its features. They recreated the weapon and they added weight to the short end of the arm. The weight added was of a great advantage as the weapon was now reachable. The hybrid Trabuco was discovered by the Europeans who fell in love with it and they decided to carry it to their home country. According to the Europeans made other changes to the weapon and by the thirteenth century, the weapon was able to carry more than a ton of stones and shooting for long distance. Trabuco existed for more than 300 years.

Learn more about Tarbuco:,887137/cenario-do-2-semestre-e-o-melhor-dos-ultimos-tres-anos-diz-trabuco.shtml

Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Take on Remaining Stylish and Professional as a Medical Practitioner

Dr. Akhil Reddy is one of the few accomplished medical practitioners at MB2 Dental, which specializes in offering technical guidance to upcoming dentists. Additionally, the firm also accords financial assistance to dentists under its outfit to enable them to provide services in various parts of the USA. For Dr. Akhil, his portfolio speaks for itself as he has a long history of volunteering and social work has been a member of the Red Cross Society. Since he had a passion for helping others through his expertise, he was enrolled at the University of the Pacific to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Dental Surgery. After his graduation, he enrolled for a doctorate class where earned his honors in Doctor of Philosophy in Dental Surgery. Since then, he became a passionate dental practitioner offering services to his community in Dallas hence fame and influence in the area.
How to Choose Your Wine
On the choice of wine, Dr. Akhil advises that there is need to go for quality wines that are unmistakably less costly. He asserts that the basic elements of a good wine are not premised not only on their rich taste, but the type of grape used to make it. In this regard, Dr. Akhil advises that you need to stick to picking wines on the ‘entry level’ rather than the notable names in the wine market. On his priority list, is the Chateau d’Aiguilhe de Bordeaux Castillon that costs $18. He asserts that this type of wine suits you well after a good meal since it has that fruity and sweet flavor. When looking at freshness and vibrancy in wine, he advises that this type of red wine is worth your time.
Dressing as Under the White Coat
Regarding dressing, Dr. Akhil, advises that dressing well can never be excused especially with the fact that working in this environment requires adorning white lab coats. Contrary to the prevalent thought that the white coats are a nuisance to some practitioners, these professional clothing are protective and helps you maintain your sense of style. On his contribution to how to dress under a white coat, he advises that you need to create a mentality that you can handle fashion and your profession. In this regard, Dr. Akhil asserts that having a simple dress shirt and a tie gives an excellent blend of style and professionalism. Having this combination ensures that you embody a formal look under that white coat that also assures you the comfort you require to move around the workplace.

Rocketship and Learning Are Hand in Hand

What is it about education that you find defining? Is it the high test scores your children receive or is the fact that you are included in each lesson your child learns? What if you could have both? With Rocketship Charter Public Schools, both of these things are possible.

Rocketship is aimed at ensuring that children and parents are both included in how a child learns. By engaging the parents into the lessons of the child, the child and parent are bonding while learning. It helps to bring families closer together while creating solid relationships between the child and parent. It also works to build a closer and tighter relationship between the parent and teacher.

Rocketship does annual home visits to ensure that teacher and parent are both obtaining their wants and needs from families. It also helps to let the teacher now what home life is like for a child which helps them to know how to teach a child more effectively.

Rocketship also believes that all children are entitled to receiving a great education and that can be done with the help of communities and parents. They believe that children who live in lower income levels are denied less education due to their backgrounds and in areas where children are denied this right, Rocketship comes in and opens up a charter school to help give these kids what they are missing out on. This couldn’t be done without the help of communities around them.

Rocketship first opened their doors back 10 years ago. Since the day they opened in a basement in San Jose, Rocketship has made great strides in how children are receiving their educational needs. They work to move forward and close the gap between how children are learning and how hard it can be for them to learn in schools that are over populated and filled with teachers who are less supervised.

For Rocketship, they believe that teachers should always be open to the idea of furthering their own beliefs and knowledge, for this reason, they hold weekly meetings with their teachers to help them learn how to improve and what they can do to help children further their education. All while maintaining a non-profit status.



Avaaz is a civic organization that encourages global activism and climate change. It also encourages human rights, animal rights and wants promote attention on corruption, conflict and poverty. It is pretty much the worlds biggest online activist network and the most powerful as well. Avaaz is a persian name that means song or voice. Azaaz has been fonded by res publica who is a community of public professionals that are dedicated to promoting governance, virtue and democracy. Move is also part of this and is a non profit organization. Service employees internation union is also a partner. Ricken patel is a co founder of the group. Avaaz has a president and director who happens to be ricken patel.

The organization does alot to prevent corruption and so forth and the organization works very hard to grow and make sure that all its employees feel safe and secure when doing things and handling issues. Human rights is defitely a big issue and avaaz adress this in the right way. Safety and security is what people are looking for and they want it right away and the want to feel safe. Be given human rights is important and this what the people need to have in this day and age. Ricken patel has studied ppe in ballliol college and at oxford university. He was able to get a masters in publci policy and this happneed to be from havard univessity. He was able to work for an international crisis group that was worked around the world. He worked very hard to accomplish human rights and bring about as much an end to corruption as possible. This included years of hard work and lots of experience but he was alblet to accomplish it. People very much appreciate this and ask him how he did it.