College Savings Bank of Princeton Acquired by a Leading Banking Services Provider

Headquartered in Dallas, Nexbank announced that it had acquired College Savings Bank based in Princeton, New Jersey. The College Savings Bank specializes in 529 planned savings college programs. Although the terms and conditions of the contract were not revealed, the president and chief executive officer of Nexbank, John Holt, noted that the College would retain its original name, branding, and operations, even after the acquisition. Since its inception in 1987, College Savings Bank has specialized in College Savings programs across the US.
College Savings Bank manages the Indiana College and the Arizona College Savings Plans. Nexbank SSB is an affiliate of Nexbank Capital Inc. It offers banking services through;

• Commercial banking
• Mortgage banking
• Investment banking

About Nexbank

Nexbank ranks as the 16th largest bank in the state of Texas and 266th largest bank in the United States. Nexbank was founded in 1934, and over the years it has registered an enormous growth with 89 trained and qualified professionals in nationwide. Nexbank allows customers to enjoy the following services;

• Account viewing, balance check, and detailed transaction history
• Money transfers between accounts
• Online purchase

According to the Dallas PRNewswire on March 14th, 2016, Nexbank reported strong consolidated financial results in 2005. That was the fourth consecutive time for Nexbank to reach the high record levels of income, property, equities and deposits.

The enigma that is Thor Havlorssen

Not many people will think of the word average when they hear about a person that stays up late at night flooding other people’s mailboxes like hurricane or sending encrypted Wickr messages. This 39 year old is the founder and CEO at the New York based human rights foundations. The foundation was launched in 2005.

Thor, who is part Norwegian and part Venezuelan, speaks American English without any hint of an accent. According to The Atlantic and Forbes, Thor Halvorssen comes from generations of leaders. For instance, his paternal grandfather Oystein was the Norwegian King Consul in Venezuela during the Second World War.

His mother on the other hand is a direct descendant of the First President of Venezuela. She is also said to be related to the man that liberated the Latin Americans from Spain, Simon Bolivar. Thor does not believe that human rights are an issue to be tabled at a discussion; he believes that they should be the basis on which all other discussions will be based.

He does not just like fighting for the rights of people because he read some literature about it; his own father was a victim of human rights violations. He was working as a Venezuelan drug Czar when he exposed the government of corruption and was made to rot in a Caracas prison. On the other hand, his mother was shot during a demonstration against Hugo Chavez.

These events haven’t made Thor sad or bitter towards the human race, as a matter of fact, he always declares that he loves people. He states that the people he loves most are dissidents, fighters of others’ rights, troublemakers and defectors.

Thor Halvorssen has also received his own fair share of mistreatment from was beaten black and blue after an interview went sour in Vietnam.

He refuses to be called conservative and states that he does not even care about a person’s political inclinations as long as they are on the same mission.

Thor Halvorssen has a staff of 12 from around the world, reporting on issues regarding violations of human rights. His course has gained enough recognition to get the support of PayPal’s Co-founder Peter Thiel and Google’s Sergey Brin.

Tidal: The Desiree Perez Connection


Tidal has become the type of music streaming service that people are talking about joining. It has become the cool alternative to what people have become used to. There is no secret that Jay-Z was much struggling to get this company off the ground. It seemed like there would be a hard battle between Spotify and Pandora. Mr. Carter had to bring forth some help from a very unlikely source.


People that know of Dez Perez will probably know the connection to Jay-Z through his friend Juan Perez. She is the wife of Juan, and this is a longtime friend of Jay-Z. What most people may have failed to realize is that Jay-Z has been getting help from Dez Perez to bring Tidal to more customers. She is a business owner that has a club. She has also been able to help Jay-Z negotiate deals for his Roc Nation Sports athletes so Perez is a vital piece of the puzzle.


It is always a good thing when someone like Desiree Perez can come in and help crunch numbers on deals that are being made. She is a friend to Beyonce, one of the most popular entertainers on the planet, and Perez has worked her magic for deals for Beyonce as well. This is a big part of her influence.


There have been rumors that Apple wants to buy Tidal. In the beginning people thought that Jay-Z would just have to let his business go and let the other bigger leaders take control of the music streaming industry. Now he is appears that he is a force that is biggest enough to get the executives at Apple worried. This is what happens when someone gets help from a reliable business woman like Dez Perez. She has been in tight spots in her life, but she knows how to get herself out of these spots. Perez has been the underdog that has continued to rise to the occasion. This is what Jay-Z admired in her. This is why he was so interested in getting her to help him out. She had the skills to turn the business around. Her negotiating skills have worked like a charm

The Work Of Retailing Professional Kenneth Goodgame

The world of retailing is one in which retailers try to do their level best to meet the needs of their clients. Customers go to retailers to help meet a need they have such as the need for food items or a need for new, back to school clothing. Professionals in the field work hard each day to push into new areas of expansion and new ways of offering innovative products at prices people can afford. Such is the work of retailing professional Kenneth Goodgame. Goodgame knows that companies must continue to evolve and grow as they aim to offer something special to clients in today’s highly competitive retailing environment.

A Specialized Background

Goodgame comes to the field with many years of experience and a sound grounding in the world of business. With a Bachelor’s of Science in the subject of Marketing from the University of Tennessee, he is well poised to help show his clients how to work within the current framework of the world of marketing and retailing to clients both locally and in other parts of the world as well. He knows that each and every single aspects of any retailing idea must be thought out in order to make sure that clients will have the perfect experience the second they step inside.

A Marketing Expert

He is also someone who can bring in Marketing, Sales and Retail Merchandising expertise that companies have relied in order to get their bearings and discover how best to consider the client’s needs. The client needs to have an exciting retail from the second they step in a store. With his help, that client can find the kind of products they need in an easily organized space that allows them to walk around and get many kinds of products in one place.

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James Dondero and Highland Capital Dallas Pledge $1 Million to Ensure Victims of Domestic Abuse Can Rebuild

One of the most exciting things about being a part of big business is that it allows you to give back to your local community in a big way. You can choose to help organizations because they are near and dear to your heart or you can support them because in doing so, you will be helping hundreds of other people in variety of ways.

James Dondero got the opportunity to use funds gained through his work with the organization he cofounded, Highland Capital Management, to help a local domestic violence agency finish building its new location. The Ann Moody Place in Dallas, Texas is slated to help at least 2,000 victims of family violence and abuse every year. However, the location was still in the building stages, when Dondero contributed $1 million in the form of a challenge grant to finish building the location. The entire campaign has already raised a record $16.5 million to build the agency location. However, the organization still needs to raise $2.8 million between October 2016 and February 2017. Dondero wants his grant to make a large dent in that total.

The Ann Moody Family Place is the main domestic abuse relief organization in Dallas, Texas. Dondero made his pledge to this worthy organization during the Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Ceremony and Luncheon. His grant will match 50% of any additional funds the campaign raises, all the way up to $1 million.

That’s a generous grant for any business to make. Even large corporations that are doing extremely well will typically miss a sum like $1 million. In addition, the challenge is open until April 2017, well after the Legacy Drive has officially ended. During the month of October 2016, the Family Place has already raised $200,000 and they are working hard to secure more.

Throughout Dallas and many parts of Texas, community is one of the most important parts of the culture. Though many state and local governments throughout the USA fund community activities and community organizations; your average US citizen isn’t always keen to get involved in charity. However, Dallas is different.

Why Talk Fusion Wins Another Award in 2016

Talk Fusion, one of the fastest growing communications companies in the world is now celebrating its win on a big award this year. The Talk Fusion video chat product made the grade and brought home a win for the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award with the Video Chat product.

The award only goes to those communications companies which have proven to create and implement the most innovative products in the communications industry. The competitors must create a product that can be used on voice, data, and through video communications as well. The awards don’t go out for only those products which are new, but they are also given to those who have worked hard to improve upon products that have been released within the last twelve months.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC says that these companies are the true leaders in their respective industry, and the awards go to the best of the best, hands down. The WebRTC technology is what Talk Fusion won their award or, and CEO Bob Reina worked very hard along with his team to ensure that this was the case. The all-in-one marketing solution for communications leader Talk Fusion has far surpassed what Reina imagined he would be able to do. He credits his team with the commitment to stay ahead of the curve and continue to create products that are innovative and nothing less than the best.

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John Goullet, The man With a Vision and Mission.

Diversant LLC is one of the biggest IT staffing company that operates in the United States of America. The company is owned by visionary entrepreneur Gene C. Waddy. Diversant is a fully certified minority-owned business enterprise. The company also happens to be one of the biggest African-American owned company offering IT services in the US. Some of the many IT services offered by Diversant include IT staffing augmentation as well innovative diversity solutions and even direct hire.

The company success is attributed to its guiding principles and the core values that has been put in place by the leadership. Diversant operates under a set of guiding principles which have been key in ensuring the company provides the highest level of services as well as satisfaction to its customers, employees and even consultants. Diversant also believes in diversity, and they focus on satisfying the needs of customers by establishing solutions and services aimed at accommodating the customer’s needs. Diversant has a reputation for conducting business with the utmost integrity and by strictly following a set of core values and also following the formal code of ethical business practices.

John Goullet is the principal of Diversant Company. Goullet is a very successful entrepreneur and has masterminded the development of many successful firms in the IT sector. When new in the IT industry, he was working as an IT consultant. Later in 1994, he decided to switch to IT staffing. John Goullet has been very successful in this field because of his understanding of the emerging technologies in this industry. This is what led him to establish a company known as the Info Technologies. In a period of five years, Info Technologies grew to a $30 million company. However, in the year 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant Inc. to establish what came to be referred as the DIVERSANT LLC. In his role as the principal, it’s his responsibility to ensure that he develops new ways of meeting new challenges within the ever-changing IT staffing industry.


Don Ressler’s Convenient JustFab

For women, or anyone, it can be hard to get to the store to find a new outfit on a monthly basis on It can be even harder to take the time to pick something out to make sure that they like it and that it is something that is comfortable for them. There are many variables when it comes to shopping and it does not always go as planned. The weather, the store’s availability and the desire to shop can all contribute to women not buying themselves an outfit that they love on a monthly basis and could leave them with a frumpy wardrobe on

Don Ressler want to make sure that women are able to get exactly what they want when they want it on a monthly basis without ever having to worry about where they are going to shop or where they need to go to find an outfit that they like. The outfit is delivered right to their door each and every month and it is something that they know they can feel good about when they are wearing it and when they are showing it off.

The outfits are perfect because they are chosen by a personal stylist according to Don Ressler. Unlike other, more traditional methods of shopping, JustFab ensures that the woman gets exactly what she wants. She answers questions at the beginning of her subscription to make sure that the site knows who she truly is. The stylists then use these questions to make sure that they get the right outfit for women. The brand of Don Ressler has many different clothing options to choose from that will suit the styles and the needs of women who have many different tastes and different backgrounds in fashion.

Not only are they able to get clothes from JustFab but they are also able to get them from Fabletics, a company that is a subsidiary of JustFab that offers athletic clothing. They want to make sure that women are able to complete their outfit and, for that reason, they offer ShoeDazzle. This site works the same way as the clothing sites, but, instead of clothing, it delivers a fresh pair of shoes to women on a monthly basis that is chosen to perfectly match their own shoe style.

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Goettl Tips for Keeping Pets Safe from Heat

Pets are man’s next best friend. Therefore, protecting them from anything that could harm them, is paramount. As the sunny season comes in, it important that you are prepared to ensure that your pets stay safe from the summer heat. Below is guide from Goettl Air Conditioning, on how to protect your pets from the summer sun;

Pet Outdoors

I know you will still need to exercise your pet, regardless of the season. However, I would advise that you consider doing so in the early mornings and late evenings. At these times, the temperatures are much lower than in the middle of the day. Also, Goettl says it is important that you keep them off surfaces that absorb heat too quickly, such as, asphalt and concrete. And, whenever you step into the sun, be sure to apply sunscreen on your pet to avoid sun burns.


Grooming your pet is crucial. Even more, now that the days are overheated. Ensuring that your pet has its fur cut right will prevent the over- accumulation of heat in the body. However, consult with your vet first to ensure you get it right. Remember, that the same coat is what prevents your pets from sun burns. Also, ensuring that your pet baths everyday will help improve its circulation. Therefore, it will prevent overheating.


Keeping your pets well hydrated is key. Always make sure that your pet get cool water to cool them off. Also, if you take your pets out, ensure that they are walking or resting under a shade.

Of Cars

If seating in your car proves to be too hot for you, then it certainly is also hot for your pets. More so, to leave them in an overheated vehicle is pure tragedy. Therefore, if stepping out of your car, do not lock your pet in your car, with windows closed. But this doesn’t mean that you should let them ride in the back alone if they are not properly tied.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded over seven decades ago, by Gust and Adam Goettl. The company was however acquired by Ken Goodrich. It is one of the leading heating, cooling and indoor air service company.

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Sleep Problem? Dr. Avi Weisfogel Can Help

Medical and dental professionals working together is essential to providing society with the best sleep care possible. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an individual who represents the fusion of these two professions and he is on a mission to spread a model of sleep treatment that will change the world. He wants to educate the general population on the dangers of sleep apnea because most people are not yet aware. Dentists also need to be increasingly aware of how sleep disorders affect health because many of them already possess the tools necessary to help people rest better. Avi Weisfogel wants to show them the way.

Sleep apnea is a problem that has been devastating the lives of millions for a long time. Medicine is just now recognizing how significant of a problem it is. Only in the last few years has there been extensive research on the way sleep apnea may be a factor in heart disease, diabetes, and even debilitating stroke. Now that these problems have come to the surface it is urgent that we take action. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is at the head of the pack of dentists and sleep professionals who want to do something about this major problem. He took the initiative to found an organization called Dental Sleep Masters. He used his extensive medical background to become one of the world’s foremost experts on sleep problems and with Dental Sleep Masters he is spreading the gospel of proper sleep.

90% of the people in the world who have sleep apnea do not even now they are suffering from it.  The longer people go undiagnosed the longer they suffer needlessly. Avi Weisfogel is spreading awareness about sleep apnea. He created a treatment and diagnosis model for sleep apnea that he wants to share with primary and secondary sleep physicians. Your local dentists can also learn this model and treat you for sleep problems with the tools he has available to him in his bag.