Dr. Jennifer Walden: Background and Procedures

Dr. Jennifer Walden is plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She has been formally trained in the area of cosmetic surgery and is based in Texas. Shortly after graduating from high school, Dr. Walden completed her undergraduate education at the University of Texas at Austin, graduating with Honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

Afterward, she received her Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors and graduating as the Salutatorian at the University of Texas Medical Branch. After her residency training, she moved to New York to pursue cosmetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. After her fellowship at MEETH, Dr. Waldon became an associate of Dr. Sherrell J. Aston, who is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon. She worked alongside Dr. Aston in New York for eight years, then she moved back to Texas around 2007 and opened her own fully accredited business known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.

Dr. Jennifer Walden offers a plethora of aesthetic surgery services to benefit the needs of her clients; both men and women. These services include procedures such as facial procedures, which can include operations like facelifts, eyelid surgery, or a brow lift. Breast augmentation is offered which includes breast reduction and breast lift. Body sculpting, contouring, and liposuction give clients the ability to fully reconstruct the shape and look of their bodies, remove excess skin, and fat. Hair restoration and laser hair removal are very popular amongst men who suffer from premature balding and women who are ready to throw their razors away. These and many more services are provided by Dr. Walden and her specialized staff that make it their goal to ensure each customer’s needs are specifically designed to fit their interests.

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Vijay Eswaran Believes Making Sacrifices Is Part Of Unlocking Happiness

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is head of a large multilevel marketing conglomerate known as QI Group Ltd., and he’s also a man who values different philosophies included in business and philanthropy including those of making personal sacrifices. He believes true leaders do not simply strive to be better than other people but actually use their power to put other people’s needs in front of even their own. Eswaran has said that we’re never more than just two minutes from the Abyss, or death as we would call it, and personal sacrifice is how you find happiness and fulfillment before then.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia but traveled to the UK and the US for his college studies. From being a grape harvest worker to driving cabs and doing marketing consulting, Eswaran gained a lot of experience during this time that he would later use in multilevel marketing. Nearly 20 years after leaving for his college education, Eswaran returned to Malaysia but this time with the intent of starting a direct selling company as part of the Cosway Group. He and another man who was interested in direct selling named Joseph Bismark officially began QI Group in Hong Kong.

Eswaran focused on selling health and wellness products through QI Group’s e-commerce company QNet, but there’s also holdings in Asian universities, logistics companies, banking and loans and business analytics. He also is the founder and President of RYTHM Foundation which stands for “Raise Yourself to Help Humanity.” Eswaran also wrote books about his philanthropy, business leadership and how spiritual beliefs have been used in the running of his company and its customers, and his bestseller is “In The Sphere Of Silence.” Eswaran has been a regular business mogul feature of Forbes Asia and has also been an annual World Economic Forum speaker.

Malcolm Casselle and His Revolutionary P2P Platform for Online Gamers

Bitcoin is here to stay, and whether you’re part of it, against it or you see it as a threat, there’s no way we’re going back. Many people are profiting from its growth, and one of these people who are showing great success in doing so is Malcolm Casselle and his passionate work for Wax, a gaming trade asset, is a force to reckon.

An Ignition of The World

One of the most exciting things about the passions of Mr. Malcolm is the fact that he has skin in the game, which means he puts his money where his mouth is. He’s not just words. He doesn’t tell people to invest in something that he didn’t invest in. In short, he walks the walk. And the walk he’s passionate about right now is in the field of cryptocurrency. He’s passionate about leveraging the new technologies in bitcoin in improving the gaming company that he already started, which was Opskins, a gaming company that sells gaming skins and that offers valuable products to gamers today.

OPSkins currently holds the number one spot among companies that are trading in bitcoin. With Malcolm Cassele’s leadership as its CIO, it is seeing even more promising growth, not to mention revolutionary improvements that will put anyone in the tech business in awe. In the light of the new competition in the bitcoin industry, Malcolm upends the game by making sure he answers two of the problems in virtual assets trade: fraud and defragmentation. To address this, he created Wax.

WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange is a continuity of some sorts to Opskins, except that it is now more robust and offers a more elaborate set of services that help people get the best, most secure virtual assets trade in the world. The P2P marketplace that WAX promises not only makes sure that consumers’ bitcoin gets to where they should be, it also offers the most profound and robust identity security. The revolutionary way of Wax to make sure that fragmentation no longer exists in the world of blockchain virtual assets trading is a source of inspiration to many of today’s thriving tech start-ups.

Find out more about Malcolm Casselle: https://hitechchronicle.com/2018/01/malcolm-casselle-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-video-games/



Using Technology In Healthcare

Many people have interest in improving the medical field. Over the past few years, the entire medical industry has changed. More people than ever need help with chronic medical conditions.

Eric Lefkofsky worked as an entrepreneur for many years. He enjoyed the process of starting and managing small companies. He decided to start a medical technology company for several reasons. Not only did he see a great business opportunity, but he also wants to help as many people as possible.

His Philosophy

Unlike many business owners, Eric Lefkofsky is not solely focused on making profits. He made a ton of money early in his career, and he only runs a business to make a positive impact on the world. This philosophy allows him to offer services at a low cost.

In the years ahead, Eric Lefkofsky firmly believes that he can help more people than ever before. Numerous people use his services each year. For some people, Eric Lefkofsky’s business is the only way that they can survive. With costs in the medical industry higher than ever, many people have to choose between buying food or medicine.


When Eric Lefkofsky started in his career, he began investing in real estate. Eric Lefkofsky firmly believes that real estate is a proven way to build wealth. He owns homes in various cities around the country. He enjoys the process of managing real estate and dealing with tenants.

Eric Lefkofsky also mentors young workers at Tempus Labs who are interested in leadership. He is a firm believer in the power of decisive leadership. Numerous companies struggle because of poor leadership. Eric Lefkofsky wants to make sure Tempus Labs will still thrive long after he leaves the company. Anyone who wants to learn from a successful business leader should consider working with Eric Lefkofsky.

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Dr. David Samadi: Broadcasting A New Health Program

The live feature in social media platforms has given a chance to people like Dr. David Samadi to broadcast their programs. The doctor has already invited everyone to watch and see his health program that will be broadcasted in a wide variety of social media platforms available to everyone on the planet. It can be seen on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even the personal website of Dr. David Samadi at DrSamadiTV.com. The format of the health program is simple – showcasing the wonders of modern medicine, Dr. David Samadi providing health tips, and people calling the show to ask questions related to health.

The newest health program by Dr. David Samadi is similar to consulting him in his clinic. He shared how excited he is with the shows and how he wanted to become a bridge to most people across the world. It is one of the advocacies of Dr. David Samadi to provide everyone with quality health care, and he is expecting that he would be able to do the same through his health programs. The program will be aired every 12:30 PM Eastern Time, with the format being the same every day. Dr. David Samadi will have the privilege to invite guests from the medical field that will be staying with him throughout a whole episode. He would also have the chance to invite celebrity guests, and they will be talking all throughout the show bringing up interesting health topics.

The viewers can participate and join the show by asking the guests their questions about health. There will be tips coming from Dr. David Samadi and his guests, and people could take note of it to live healthier lives. Dr. David Samadi encourages everyone to watch the show and participate because it would be similar to a free consultation that seldom happens. He is also inviting medical professionals to join him in his show and provide a free consultation to the viewers.

Aside from his programming stint, Dr. David Samadi is also working as the current head of urology and robotic surgery department at the Lenox Hill Hospital. His specialty is with urologic oncology, and he is known for having robots as an aide when he is performing surgeries. Most of the time, the surgical procedures of Dr. David Samadi is effective because of the accuracy of integrating robotic procedures. He is hoping that with his new show, more people will become health conscious.

Contact Dr. David Samadi: interview.net/dr-david-samadi/

Back to Basics with In-Person Shopping: TheRealReal.Com

Online shopping has become a cultural phenomenon as an thrilling, easy, and time-saving way to shop without the hassle of driving 5 miles to get to a store. On the other hand, most people want to test their product first before having to use it. And, as much as online shopping catches the eyes of the average online user, nothing defeats the in-store experience of shoppers. In any case, having both an in-person and online presence is important to any retail business these days.

One of the biggest attributes online shopping has spawned to everyone’s relief have been e-commerce start-ups. Entrepreneurs who otherwise would have never been able to reach a larger audience in person have done so online. This means thousands of customers situated in one place might be missing out on companies like The RealReal’s incredible schemes and merchandising. The RealReal is an originally online-only retail of garments and jewelry. The premise of The RealReal is a platform for the sale and purchase of previously worn luxurious, high-end items. Their trail of online success has garnished TheRealReal going back to basics and taking advantage of the newly founded phenomenon, pop-stores. Recently, they opened their first physical store in New York as of late 2017. The store is now a permanent in-person dream haven for The RealReal’s online fans. This time in a more luminous setting and in the infamous SoHo neighborhood of New York City. Here, The RealReal’s items are guaranteed in their validity as specialists are hired to heavily inspect and polish garments and jewelry. TheRealReal recognizes the wonder of in-person experience and exchange. TheRealReal first tried out their in-person presence through a pop-up store in New York City back in 2016. The pop-up gained a lot of attention and brought in towering sales to TheRealReal that made them want to consider a permanent street-level shop.

TheRealReal plans to open a number of pop-ups throughout other cities including San Francisco, Las Vegas, plus extra features, workshops, and events in their already evoking SoHo site. The RealReal’s undertaking is significant of the simultaneous trade-off between online and in-store businesses. Their business path is atypical but shows a flush of start-ups that began online and now want to attract a broader audience. Alike The RealReal, online businesses wish to remain both on the internet and on people’s eye vision.

Sahm Adrngi : KodakCoin “hollow attempt to chase the ICO craze”

Sahm Adrangi, Founder and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital has issued a negative report explaining why they are shorting their position on Eastman Kodak following their launch of KodakCoin. KodakCoin is a cryptocurrency which Kodak says is “a photo-centric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management.” The company hopes that this will be the future from their old days of camera technology. The company however is facing backlash from this financial decision. View Sahm Adrangi at hvst.com.

The report explains “The use of blockchain in operating an image copyright platform accomplishes nothing. KODAKOne intends to utilize smart contracts and a crypto-asset to solve the problem of copyright infringement, but the business idea is flat-out silly.” Sahm Adrangi elaborates that the Fund’s positioning on the company is also due to the companies lack of experience in the financial field as well as saying the concept is “a last-ditch stock promotion gambit for a company hurtling towards bankruptcy.” The report elaborates on the company having zero experience as well as having their ICO venture being led by Cameron Chell. A stock promoter with a history of “being banned from a Canadian exchange for the improper sale of securities, being a known associate and business partner of a convicted perpetrator of securities fraud which resulted in the indictment of 58 people being forced to step down as CEO of the tech incubator he founded, only to be replaced by someone arrested 5 months later for running a boiler room telemarketing scam, and having a second board member at his tech company sued for pumping and dumping penny stocks before eventually serving jail time for impeding the IRS.” Sahm Adrangi also explained how the companies history with crypto is shady as well, including deceptive marketing at CES with a bitcoin mining rig with fixed payouts. More details on Sahm Adrangi at valuewalk.com.

Sahm Adrangi first made a name for himself shorting and exposing fraudulent Chinese companies, including China Marine Food Group, China-Biotics, Lihua International and many others in 2010 and 2011. He has been a speaker at numerous confrences as well as appeared on CNBC, WSJ, and Bloomberg.

Visit: www.futuresmag.com/author/sahm-adrangi

Taking Leadership to a Higher Level with Rich Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health Solutions is under the leadership of two major personalities. Dr. Richard Shinto is the CEO while Penelope Kokkinides is the present chief administration officer. These two leaders have steered the organization towards achieving its objectives as an entity that supports the healthcare industry.

When Dr. Shinto became CEO, he had gathered past experience from North American Medical Management where he was CEO. Dr. Shinto also worked at Medical Pathways Management Company as COO. Other places he has worked are MedPartners where he was vice president and Cal Optima Health Plan as chief medical officer.

Dr. Rick Shinto is a specialist of pulmonary and internal medicine. His efforts and entrepreneurial spirit has earned him honor and awards. Among them was Ernest &Young Entrepreneur of the Year. They recognized him as a high ranking executive in modern health and belong to minority communities.

Penelope Kokkinides has a remarkable record of working in the healthcare industry. She has twenty years of experience, especially in government programs. Penelope is good at creating clinical programs and overseeing healthcare processes. Her objective is to increase efficiencies and organization. Penelope worked with InnovaCare but left for another organization. She later rejoined it in 2016.

Before InnovaCare Health, Penelope worked for Centerlight Healthcare as vice president and COO, Touchstone Health as COO and vice president for AmeriChoise. Penelope has a rich background of education. She first attained a bachelor’s degree of biological sciences and classical languages. It was followed by a master’s degree in social work, post-master program in alcohol and substance abuse and finally a master’s degree in public health. All these were courses were pursued in various universities. You can visit hrmronline.com for more.

To improve efficiency and effectiveness, InnovaCare made some changes. In 2016, the organization added three individuals as leaders. Penelope was among these additional, alongside Jonathan Meyers and Martin Sortino. Jonathan took the chief actuary officer while Martin became chief accounting officer. In addition to increasing members, the organization partner with HHS Initiative to reform payment models. Check out openminds.com to see more.

InnovaCare Solutions offers healthcare services and health plans in Puerto Rico. It is a large network with over two hundred thousand members. Over seven thousand and five hundred providers have formed a network to serve these members. Among the healthcare plans InnovaCare manages are two from Medicaid. InnovaCare is determined to offer quality services and modern technology to practitioners, payers and providers. Multidisciplinary approaches are in place to ensure costs, utilization and quality are per current market demands.

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Billionaire Philanthropist Eric Lefkofsky Aims to Take the Technology Revolution to Cancer Patients

Tempus is a health tech startup whose aim it is to develop tools to collect and analyze health data from cancer patients with the purpose of improving their care and outcomes. It was started by billionaire Eric Lefkofsky who was exposed to the inefficiency of the medical records system for cancer patients after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Tempus developed software that can analyze a patient’s clinical and molecular data, including an innovative program that can interpret and record data within the text fields of physician’s notes. It can also store information regarding a patient’s genome sequencing, noticing patterns and comparing outcomes as oncologists move to understand cancer on a cellular level.

The goal for Tempus and other companies like it is to learn more about the treatment of cancer as well as to find the best course of treatment for each patient that is entered into the system. Doctors are expected to receive free access to the system in return for the collection of anonymous patient data.

Eric Lefkofsky was the CEO of Groupon until he left in late 2015 and began working on Tempus as part of his venture firm, Lightbank, which focuses on disruptive technology. He and his wife Elizabeth are part of the Giving Pledge, a campaign that encourages philanthropic donations amongst the wealthy. They also began the Lefkofsky Foundation with the goal of “supporting charitable, scientific, and educational organizations and causes around the world”, and pledged to donate at least half of their wealth over their lifetime to philanthropic causes.

Lefkofsky is a native of Michigan, attending Michigan State University, but now centers much of his business in the Chicago area. He is on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and has held several teaching positions. He is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago.

For details: www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-lefkofsky

Cancer Treatment: Not One Size Fits All

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has one mission in mind. That mission is to help those battling any type of cancer and giving the patient the best treatment possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 and has five hospitals located in the contiguous forty-eight states. Those who work at Cancer Treatment Centers of America must follow the core principles of the company. They must put the patient first and be compassionate, hopeful, and responsive to the patient’s needs. That is why the doctors and nurses at Cancer Treatment Centers of America do what they do each and every day.

According to an article for WebMD, Cancer Treatment Centers of America wants the patients to be as well informed about the type of cancer that they have and the best form of treatment. The staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in two phases. The first phase is the treatment of the disease itself. The staff uses only the most cutting edge technology when it comes to battling a specific type of cancer. The second phase is the management of pain for the patient. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses only the best kinds of therapy when it comes to treating a patient.

When it comes to cancer treatment there are many different options for patients to choose from. Patients have the option of using things like chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery to treat the disease. Some of the types of cancer that Cancer Treatment Centers of America are focused on treating are, lung, breast, and colon cancer . With the variety of options for treating people who are suffering from cancer should not be afraid to ask for a second opinion when it comes to the disease and treatment options. The staff can make sure that the best form of treatment is being utilized. The doctors and nurses at Cancer Treatment Centers of America want to make sure that all of the options are on the table for the patient.

Working with Cancer Treatment Centers of America can help patients take the worry out of getting  proper treatment for the types and stage of cancer that the patient has. The staff also wants to make sure that the patient can have the highest quality of life while undergoing treatment. Cancer treatment is not one size fits all. Cancer Treatment Centers of America understand the patient comes first.

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