Freedom Checks: Matt Badiali’s Unique Investment Method

Banyan Hill Publishing Company is known for their production and publication of investment advice literature. They currently employee one of the world’s leading experts on the natural resources markets, Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali has worked for a number of years for Banyan Hill Publishing Company and even before then was in the financial literature industry. However, before ever entering the financial literature industry he was a trained scientist. Learn more about Freedom Checks at It is his experience as a trained scientist which allows him to produce such high quality financial literature due to his unique understanding of the natural resources and commodities markets. He was first introduced to the finance industry whenever he was recruited by a financial expert who was in the process of building a team dedicated to researching unique investment opportunities in the natural resources and commodities markets. At the time Matt Badiali was a teacher and Ph.D. student at the University of North Carolina. He had already completed his Master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University and as such was already well on his way to becoming a career scientist. This financial expert offered Matt Badiali an opportunity to travel the world meeting with industry leaders in the oil and natural resource markets in order to gain hands-on experience into potential unique investment opportunities. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali first discovered the investments that he has popularized in his recent viral video Freedom Checks as he was researching for a potential project in the oil and natural gas industries. After meeting with some of the country’s leading oil and natural gas industry figures, he was informed about the existence of a unique piece of legislation that would qualify corporations to operate tax-free. This piece of legislation is known as Statute 26-F. Statute 26-F was first introduced in the 1980s by an act of Congress. According to Statute 26-F if a corporation can meet the requirements to operate as a master limited partnership, then it has zero tax liability.

In order to be considered a master limited partnership, the corporation must meet two requirements. First, it must generate 90% of its revenues from the production, storage, processing, and transportation of oil and natural gas domestically within the borders of the United States of America. Also, the corporation must periodically make payments to its shareholders in a manner that is analogous to dividends from the traditional stock markets. These periodic payments are what Matt Badiali refers to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks.


OSI Industries Growing Fast

Excellence is more than a single act; it is a habit. OSI industries has excelled profoundly in the food production industries. The company has been ranked highly among America’s top companies. Their success can be attributed to the company’s keenness on ensuring consumer satisfaction. Their production is mainly inclined towards meeting the consumers’ immediate desires and needs. Uniformity its products in all the chain stores distributed in about 17 countries have also won the company ardent consumer loyalty.

Environmental protection remains one of OSI industries’ key goal. The company has successfully developed an environmental management system that meets the five-star threshold standard of the ‘British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme.’ On November 25th, 2016, Kelly Grimwood, OSI Industries’ Environmental Manager received a prestigious globe of honor award on behalf of the company.

Recently, OSI industries acquired a convenience food manufacturer, Boha Food. The company is assured of intensifying its presence in Europe as well as reaching out to its customers strategically and thus meeting their needs. On the other hand, Boha Food executives are confident that the merger would better place its product in the food market owing to OSI’s excellent relationship with its customers and suppliers as well.

Consumer satisfaction being its strength, expansion of manufacturing units has become the way to go for OSI industries. This is with the sole aim of satisfying the evolving demand. In North America, the company bought the Tyson Food facility in Chicago which was on the verge of closure after laying off a better part of its stuff. The move not only broadened its production network but also indicated business growth.

Demand for OSI industries’ chicken products has been rising significantly over the years in Spain and Portugal. The company has therefore expanded its production network in these countries. It has heavily invested in the construction of nitrogen tanks, waste storage rooms, a kitchen, shipping and receiving area as well as a social space for its employees. Taking note of the high amount of energy consumed in meat production, the unit employs energy efficient systems which utilize waste energy from refrigeration units.

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Neurologist Jorge Moll Performs Research Into Why People Are Nice To One Another

Jorge Moll, Ph.D., was asked in a recent interview why he had decided to create the D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. His answer was that it was the completion of a dream project for him. He wanted to help Brazil by placing in it a world-class organization dedicated to education and research in the healthcare industry.

As the president and this organization as on its board, Jorge Moll pushes forward the understanding of neurology in Brazil.

Jorge Moll as a MD in neuroscience and a Ph.D. in experimental pathophysiology. The first of these degrees was earned at the Federal University of Rio de Janiero in 1997 while the latter one he earned at Sao Paulo University in 2003. He was a research fellow for the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NINDS) for a number of years before he launched his institute.

There are two departments at the D’Or Institute which he personally directs. The first of these is the Neuroinformatics Workgroup. His leadership has resulted in this department becoming one of the world’s most highly regarded imaging and diagnostic labs. He also heads the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit which researches how the human brain functions.

One really interesting research project that Jorge Moll was involved in was the science behind why people give things to others. Most people intrinsically understand why it is better to give than to receive. Jorge Moll asked the question of why that would be the case and decided to seek out the scientific answer to it ( His research showed that it is more survival of the kindest rather than survival of the fittest that is one of the basic laws of human brains.

Humans give birth to children that simply can’t do much for themselves for years. This is partially why Jorge Moll’s research showed that people want to help others, especially their offspring. For years neurological researchers thought everyone was basically selfish. Research like Jorge Moll’s shows this really isn’t the case at all and instead humans are a cooperative species where people gain by collaborating.


The Significance of Graham Edwards’ Leadership Skills in Telereal Trillium

The role of Graham Edward in steering Telereal Trillium into being a major property market leader in the United Kingdom cannot go unnoticed especially after numerous deals have been carefully seen through in his tenure as CEO.

As a University of Cambridge graduate, Graham’s investment skills and expertise have enabled major deals to be brokered that have caused significant increase in wealth of Telereal Trillium. The portfolio at Telereal is more than 86 million square feet and worth more than £6 billion. Here are some of the main reasons why Graham has been very instrumental in its success.

In December 2001, Graham designed a 30 year partnership between British Telecomholdings and Telereal that resulted into Telereal acquiring 6,700 properties equivalent to 59.2 million square feet. This was a major deal that greatly projected the way forward for Telereal in the property market as well as boosts its profitability. Under the leadership of Graham, the deal result into gradual occupation of property acquired from Telecomholdings and this facilitated smooth transition and remodeling of newly acquired property.

In January 2009, Graham Edward Telereal led Telereal through the successful acquisition of Trillium that was owned by Land Securities Group PLC and changing to the presently recognized Telereal Trillium. This made Telereal Trillium a force to reckon with in the property market inside of the UK which currently houses approximately 1% of the UK workforce presently.

Another great testimony of Graham Edward’s major accomplishments is the presence of quality clients that Telereal Trillium has been able to acquire over the years under his tenure. Barclays, Virgin Media, The Department for Work and Pensions, Royal Mail and the Birmingham City Council are some of the noteworthy corporate clients that Telereal Trillium currently serves. This is a great show of Graham’s leadership qualities in the financial market.


Glen Wakeman, Mentor, Businessman, and Writer

Glen Wakeman is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings. Their platform is to help entrepreneurs, who have an idea for a business, organize their thoughts and turn them into workable business plans. In a matter of minutes and for a well-spent one hundred dollars, entrepreneurs can turn their dream into in plan hand with the help of LaunchPad Holdings. Glen realized the importance of having a workable plan when starting a business, after seeing many good ideas fail that were presented to him, He asked himself, “Why?” He quickly realized the one thing these failed businesses had in common, they didn’t have a plan. He knew he could make a difference and help those who had these good ideas turn them into profitable businesses.

Mr. Wakeman is a natural born problem solver. Starting a company that helped solve problems made sense to him. Being a worldwide businessman gives Glen a unique perspective when it comes to doing business on a global level.

Glen shares his insights through his blog post. Many young professionals and his clients that follow him, pick up on his postings on Linked in where he shares his insights and inspires many young entrepreneurs. Mr. Wakeman is proud to be a mentor to many young executives. Many of his articles address issues such as business management, international money matter, new markets, and strategy for businesses.

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu is one of Glen’s favorite business writings. He considers it to be a book that has proven to stand the test of time. If you want to learn about strategy, discipline, and preparation Tzu’s writings are considered among the best. Glen finds inspiration and wisdom in this book and feels to this day it is a page turner, a book worth reading.

When asked how he became profitable, Glen Wakeman, insist making a profit in a startup business can be slow. Knowing your goals and making a step by step plan will help you reach your objectives over time. Making a profit is often achieved gradually one step at a time with a well thought out plan.



What Equities First Holdings Has Done to Create Trust With Clients

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is known for providing equity-loans to its’ clients. They have offered the loan since 2012. On 15-year anniversary, EFH announced they are responsible for delivering over $1 billion dollars in transactions to their clients. EFH’s London office generated 700 transactions that was influential in EFH opening businesses in Australia. Businesses uses the loan for working capital. It helps the business because the loan can use for any business process. They can look forward to be a chance at being approved for loan compared to a traditional loan.

EFH has shown the equity loan at work when the CEO of PaySafe Group PLC(PSG) Joel Leonoff utilized it. He had a loan with terms March 2014 to May 2, 2017. EFH returned shares after they initially held 1.5 million shares worth nearly .01 pence of his stock. Once Leonoff repaid the loan, he received over 9 million shares.

Equities First Holdings info:

Dr. Dov Rand- “A Doctors Doctor”

With nearly two decades of experience in the medical world, Dr. Dov Rand has proven that he has the ability to help people in their quest for health. Dr. Rand understands how to treat and heal the whole person, and has used a variety of methods to do so throughout his career. Dr. Dov Rand has been the President of Healthy Aging Medical Centers for the last eight years. Dr. Rand has built his practice by creating plans that are individualized. His focus is on preventative health measures to aid in the aging process.

At the center of Dr. Rand’s practice is the study of hormones. Dr. Rand’s philosophy is there are both good hormones and bad hormones. He believes that aging has an impact on hormones. As a person gets older good hormones tend to decrease and bad hormones tend to increase. Examples of good hormones that Dr. Rand focuses on include testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Bad hormones include insulin and cortisol. Dr. Rand’s goal is to find a balance between these good and bad hormones. He is convinced finding a balance will give his patients more energy ad stamina. There are also a large number of other health benefits which include reduction in depression an incidences of cancer.

Dr. Rand is very passionate about his patients and is highly motivated to help them get healthy. He is a great model for his patients as he lives a healthy and active lifestyle himself. Today Dr. Rand is an active member of the Age Management Group and A4M society. His years of success have led him to his current project, his first book. Currently Dr. Rand is working on his own book, “It’s not too late to live past 100.” With years of experience and success helping patients, the book is sure to be a hit. Dr. Dov Rand continues to be a leader in the field of aging. His voice should continue to help others for many years to come.



The Fortress Investment Group Diverse Guru

Randal Nardone, co founder of Fortress Investment Group
Randal Nardone, co founder of Fortress Investment Group

So who is Peter Briger you be wondering. Now to know who Peter Briger is we have to know a little about the middle aged man who is also the President and Co-Chairman at Fortress Credit Corporation. He is the President, President and the Head of Credit & Real Estate Business at the Fortress Investment Group LLC and he has also been the Co-Chairman of the Board since December 2017. So as you can see Peter Briger is a man of multitude role proportions. He is also a Member of Advisory Board of the Spearhead LLC. He serves on the Board for Caliber Schools, which is a network of Charter Schools dedicated to creating competitive success in four-year schools and beyond. He is a Director of Tipping Points which is a non-profit organization to help low income families in San Francisco and Princeton University Investment Company serving for U.S Soccer. So if you are a Soccer fan this is a big thing I am sure for you to know. I know what you are saying does this list ever halt and the answer to your question is that it keeps building from here. Mr. Briger serves on the Hospitals Board of Advisers for Special Surgery, Inc. Peter also worked for Goldman Sachs & Co., where he made Partner in the year 1996. And with no surprise he held multiple positions with Goldman Sachs also. He was Co-Head of Whole Loan Sales and Trading business, Co-Head of Asian Real Estate Private Equity business, Advisory to the International Corporation that dealt with debt. Pete also served as Member of Advisory Board for Linktone Ltd. Peter Briger completed his M.B.A from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and got his B.A. from the prestigious Princeton University.

Peter Briger joined the Management Committee in 2002 which is based in New York. He created the Fortress Credit business and overseas it now since then. I am betting that here is a bit of valuable information that you had no idea about Peter Briger, he was one of the original individuals who phased in the who Bitcoin bandwagon throughout the world. Peter met with an executive of Wells Fargo in 2013 to talk about how Bitcoin is a digital gold and a most effective way and cost effective way to exchange money all over the world. Many business men get into a lot of business virtues and not everyone of them hold as many titles as Peter Briger has held and is currently holding today. Mr. Briger is labeled three hundred and seventeen by Forbes as one of the top four hundred Business Professionals. His net worth is 1.5 billion dollars given by profession. We all can only hope for many others to follow in the remarkable footsteps of the great Peter Briger. His life’s work for a better world and humanity in general gives us hope and also encourage us all to become better people to reach our full potential in life.

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Back To The Future With Fortress Investment Group

At the beginning of every year, there are many predictions. It was predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series in 1985 “Back to the Future” movie with Michael J. Fox. What other snippets are hidden in movies? Does the Fortress Investment Group have a plan similar to “Back to the Future?”

Back to the Future

Predictions are easy to make, but very difficult to get right. Most people don’t own a crystal ball. If you check out all of the predictions made each year, you will find a very low success rate.

That is one of the reasons why the “Back to the Future” Chicago Cub’s World Series victory prediction was so amazing. It was the Cubs. ‘Nuff said.

To be fair, the movie was off by a year, but no one is really keeping track of that. It was close enough.

An element of the Fortress Investment Group strategy seems to be based on revisiting the past. This might be best exemplified by the Fortress November 15, 2006 acquisition of RailAmerica Inc. Many people had already written off American railroads, just as they had written of the Chicago Cubs.

Chicago Cubs

One of the reasons why Warren Buffett prefers blue-chip stocks is their inherent value. You can’t really replicate good brand, like Coca-Cola, the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Gum and the Fortress Investment Group. Each has achieved a certain cache in a moment of time.

People remember where they were when the Cubs won the World Series. They are not alone. They can connect with the entire city, celebrating the championship. There is a common feeling of joy – people feel connected.

They can toss in some Wrigley Gum or drink a Coke and smile. These are the brands that Americans have grown up with. Fortress understands this emotional appeal.

Rebuilding American Infrastructure

Why should anyone invest in a railroad when there are airplanes? That has become the prevailing wisdom of the modern realm. But, the Fortress Investment Group was able to think outside the box. It could identify undervalued assets.

The Fortress Investment Group has profited by re-bundling America’s prime transportation infrastructure. Its principals are well-heeled and have the tools to upgrade transportation facilities.

While American railroads and the Chicago Cubs might have been cute to some, they were successful. The Fortress Investment Group understands the importance of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Perhaps, it might be time to dust off some of those old vinyl records.

But, isn’t that the very essence of a hedge fund? It buys assets when they are seemingly irrelevant. This is when their price is low. Then, it upgrades the brand and resells them for a higher price.

If something is vintage, then it never really goes out of style. Perhaps that is what we can learn from the Chicago Cubs and the Fortress Investment Group. Vintage quality withstands the test of time.

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Enhanced Athlete Punches Back Against Predatory Lawsuit

More than 70 companies were targeted for spurious lawsuits by the notorious company Nutrition Distribution. Some of them chose to settle out of court to avoid the sometimes costly and lengthy legal process. But not Scott Cavell, CEO at Advanced Athlete. He wasn’t going to take it sitting down.


The Legal Battle

The scheme of Nutrition Distribution is simple: Send out a flood of cease and desist letters, demanding payment in exchange for a spurious charge of “false advertising.” If companies refuse to respond to the letter, then Nutrition Distribution requests an injunction from a judge, hoping to pressure the company into settling. When Cavell and the folks at Enhanced Athlete got the summons, they chose not to back down and stood up for what they knew was right.


The judge sided with Cavell and Enhanced Athlete, stating that, “Plaintiff’s evidence does not establish a causal connection – or even more than a merely speculative connection – between Defendants’ product and marketing and Plaintiffs’ decrease in sales.” Essentially, the judge threw out the injunction, agreeing with Enhanced Athlete, that this immoral injunction was neither fair nor legal.


When they couldn’t win in the courts, Nutrition Distribution chose to start a smear campaign against Enhanced Athlete, rather than focus on improving the quality of their products and marketing. Enhanced Athlete still will not back down. In a statement, Cavell said, “Enhanced Athlete is not going to be the next victim of Nutrition Distribution’s shakedown scheme.”


More About Enhanced Athlete

Despite dealing with spurious lawsuits and a subsequent smear campaign, Enhanced Athlete continues to put out high-quality, safe, and effective supplements to help athletes meet their body-building goals. With their sister companies, Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear, they provide a total solution for athletes, including the following products and services:


  • Testosterone Builders
  • Fat Blockers
  • Muscle Building Compounds
  • Clothing
  • Gym Bags
  • Sports Equipment
  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Weight Loss Training
  • Sports/Goal Based Coaching


And that’s not all. To see more of what they offer, or to get a custom made plan for yourself, visit the Enhanced Athlete webpage here, and work out with the company that can stand up for itself, and for you.