The Highly Intuitive Basketball Coach to Mark, Yanni Hufnagel

Sports and indeed basketball is an odd place to find a highly successful Jewish guy. That is exactly where you catch Yanni Hufnagel, a progressive coach and eyeful talent scout who is making his mark at Harvard University’s men’s basketball team, the Crimsons. Hufnagel’s rapid success at the team enabled them to not only secure the Ivy League for the first time but also identify exciting fresh talent earning him a spot on the trending young coaches’ bench.


It’s a rarity to see an all-out Jewish-American basketball showdown in the history of the NBA. Yanni Hufnagel recently shared the court with University of Memphis coach Josh Pastner, who is also Jewish, in a closely followed face-off. In addition, Hufnagel is winning the popular dream coach vote as the most promising upcoming coach for his upbeat attitude at recognizing blazing talent.


Hufnagel’s interest in basketball started in high school when he tried for Scarsdale’s high school team. Although he didn’t make the final team, he excelled at analyzing the game and could call it better than anyone in his age bracket. Throughout university, his coaching prowess came to life earning him a graduate assistant coach position with the Oklahoma basketball team after his studies. Hufnagel’s energy and enthusiasm for the game led him to Harvard where he worked as a volunteer assistant coach.


His effervescence and infectious energy, in-depth understanding of the game and excellent marketing skills, ensures he connects effortlessly with the young talent he seeks. This has made him a sought-after coaching talent for top tier teams. When the right time comes to upgrade to head coach, he will have no shortage of offers.


In a short decade, Yanni Hufnagel’s track record has earned him great experiences at Oklahoma with the Sooners, Harvard with the Crimsons, Vanderbilt with the Commodores, University of California’s Golden Bears and currently Nevada where the Wolf Pack is more than lucky to have him as the assistant coach.



The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offers most Comprehensive T

Based in Florida Boca Raton, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CTCA is the set-up of five charitable hospitals that provide treatment for cancer patients across the United States. The organization employs integrative cancer treatment approaches like immunotherapy, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

The center also offers integrative therapies that help to deal with cancer treatment side effects like lymphedema, anxiety, malnutrition, pain, nausea, fatigue, and depression. With its original headquarters located in Schaumburg, Illinois, CTCA moved its corporate office Florida Boca Raton due to rapid expansion.

The center was however founded by Stephenson Richard, whom after the demise of his mother realized the need for better cancer treatment options. He went ahead and established the first ever Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital in Zion, Illinois, the Midwestern and Regional Medical Center.

In 2015 CTCA launched another agency at the Mexico Lomas de Chapultepec. This agency is the first ever information office and global-scale patient caretaker. also has significant influence in Latin America, Middle East and the Caribbean where the company offers patients the chance to access any of the five cancer centers. Patients can get treatment at any of the following destination centers:

Tulsa, Oklahoma Southwestern Regional Medical Center

Zion, Illinois Midwestern Regional Medical Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Eastern Regional Medical Center

Goodyear, Arizona Western Regional Medical Center

Newnan, Georgia Southeastern Regional Medical Center

As stated in this article, all of these hospitals have been recognized by the Joint Commission for Full Standards Compliance and is a major Performer regarding Quality Measures. These centers have all received Five Star quality ratings as the leading U.S. Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. The American Radiology College also recognizes CTCA centers as leading health care organizations.

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Improving Digital Technique With White Shark Media


Even online business professionals could improve their technique. One thing that is important for businesses is growth. This is not just growth in sales, but also growth in techniques and skills. One thing that is important to know is that the world and the markets are always going through some kind of change. Some of the best business professionals know how to change with the markets. Therefore, they know what they are looking for and how to supply their wants and needs. However, there are those that may be a little slow when it comes to adapting to the changes in the market.


One of the most important factors in the adaptation to change is in the advertising. One of the best ways to be relevant in the market is to make sure that one is addressing something in the current age so that they will be able to address the people in the current mindset. One of the ways that they can do this is by getting the help of an advertising agency. One of the reasons that getting help from an advertising agency is a good idea is that it shows people that the company is in touch.


For those that are looking to get assistance with their digital marketing, White Shark Media can provide all of the assistance that one needs in order to get the advertising message out to the audience. White Shark Media knows how to address the public and their needs. The professionals know how to connect with the audience in their desires and the other factors that are on their mind. Clients can consult While Shark Media with the type of advertising they want for their company. White Shark Media is also willing to help people market their own companies by offering evaluations

Dr. Jennifer Walden: One of America’s Best Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been recognized as one of the nations leading plastic surgeons. Several thousands of people travel across the country to undergo her procedures and she currently has a waiting list. She has been touted by Harpar’s Bazaar Magazine as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. Dr. Walden is currently on the Board of Directors for The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as well as the Vice Commissioner of Communications. She has co-written textbooks and peer-reviewed articles. She has been featured on several national TV shows, such as E! Dr. 90210, VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession, NBC’s The Today Show and many more.


Her practice is based in Austin, Texas and she currently works with a team of professionals that also provide medical spa services such as laser treatments, botox, microneedling, vaginal rejuvenation and non-surgical fat reduction procedures. Dr. Walden’s objective is to provide the most natural looking results as possible.


Walden was born in Austin, Texas in 1971. Her father was a certified dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse. She attended the University of Texas and received an undergraduate degree in Biology. She then went to the University of Texas Medical branch to attend medical school and graduated as salutatorian. After graduation, she fellowshipped at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She then practiced in NYC’s upper east side for nearly 8 years.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has received many honors and recognitions. She has been featured in “American Way Magazine” as one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons in America”. In 2015 she was selected as Texas Super Doctor. In 2013 she was honored to speak at the premed honor society of the University of Texas. She was also invited to be on the panel of medical experts on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News in NYC.


She has truly earned her place in the world of plastic surgery.


Read more about Jennifer Walden:


JMH and the genius behind it

Jason at Aloft Property

When looking into the real estate market across the U.S., you will eventually come across the ever-growing company called JMH. They are a development company that covers the most searched regions inside this industry, most notably Miami Beach, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Their policy of developing realty of distinct looks, innovative designs, and great architecture has granted them a lot of recognition in this industry. Along their most notable projects is the “Three Hundred Collins”, a breathtaking architectural art in Miami Beach that is surrounded by the best neighborhood and is just a few steps away from the beach, as well as the “South Beach Starwood”, an enormous hotel that is also located in Miami and already received rewards for its unique design.

Jason Activities in Crunchbase Production

However, none of this would be possible without the founder and manager Jason and the Halpern family. This family has controlled the market for generations and has been one of the leading forces in creating innovative properties for commercialization.


The estate developer Jason Halpern is responsible for the unique feel and design behind the most acclaimed properties of JMH. He has a lot of passion for his job as a designer and lead architecture which has led to the creation of distinction among the cities and states he has worked on. This is especially true regarding the importance he gives in maintaining the neighborhood’s culture and feel. Because of that, many of the properties developed by JMH are considered historical landmarks by the local community.

Jason is not only related to the realty industry but has also done a lot of charitable work and embraced philanthropy a long time ago. He organized initiatives with the JMH Company many times with no profit in mind. Most notably, he donated a lot of money to a water providing company with the intention of bringing clean water to Ethiopian and Nepalese people that don’t have access to it.

Jason’s family

His family is also part of the Halpert Trauma Center where he has supported the cause of helping the community by offering surgeries and care for special victims such as pregnant women and children.

Other notable properties he has helped his company developing include a luxurious group of homes called “The Townhouses of Cobble Hill” and a recent building called “70 Henry”, both in Brooklyn.

Where there previously was a supermarket in Long Island City, Jason is now directly helping develop a new group of hotels called “LIC Hilton Hotels,” which is the newest innovative project that JMH is producing and is planned to open in early 2018. Although the project is led by JMH, it is an association with Mettle Property Group.

Listed on the National Historic Register and one of the oldest and most famous projects related to JMH is the 184 Kent, a historically acclaimed building located in Brooklyn. It recently received a major renovation that has adapted it to include the newest technologies and facilities available in other properties.

YouTube Vlogger Wengie’s Draw My Life Video

In this video, Wengie decides to take on a “Draw My Life” video where she talks about her life while creating simple drawings on a white board illustrating her stories. Wengie begins with her birth and early childhood experiences. She describes having difficulties with making friends and being introverted in high school. She turned to the internet where she felt comfortable interacting with new people. She began a beauty and fashion blog and eventually created her successful YouTube channel. This is an interesting video with cute stories about her life that her fans will definitely appreciate.


The Branding Master and Self-Made Billionaire; Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and active investor with a diverse business background which enables him to venture in a variety of industries. He is an alumnus of Itchia College starting his career still as an undergraduate. Chris has more than 40 years working for more than 50 companies both International and domestic. The experience he has in branding has made him use imagination and creativity to create more brands which have a greater impact on the consumers. Chris is the founder and CEO of Burch-creative Capital and also the co-founder of Luxury Fashion Company.


The Nihiwitu Resort


According to news from Business Insider, Chris partnered with Hotelier James McBride buying a beach hostel at interior part of Indonesia Island of Sumba and later renovated it to a Five Star Hotel. Although according to an interview, Chris says he bought the resort for his children and to help the community without thinking it will grow to the best travel and luxury resort in the world.


The Adventures in Nihiwitu Resort


Nihiwitu is one of the best luxurious hotels in the remote Indonesia Island on the west coast of Sumba. The Resort stands as the leading employer in the area with the management preserving some profits for funding the Sumba Foundation one of the community’s project.

The Resort has fantastic constructions with tree houses in it, pools entertaining areas and also beaches within it. They have also embraced the Sumba art displaying their traditional Sumbanese antiques, Ikat prints and local woods which also act as an attraction for the visitors. Nihiwitu cares about the wellness of their guests providing daily group yoga session and also private classes to the interested persons. You can also enjoy Surf lessons, waterfalls swimming and rock jumping, Horseback riding, and beaches in Nihiwitu Resort


Christopher’s Established Brands


Chris has established several brands from his long years’ experience in entrepreneurship. He has understood well the behavior of the customers and tried to connect to them in his brands to the market. The brands include; Nihiwitu Resort, Burch Creative Capital Brand, Poppin, Jawbone AND Voss water, TRADEMARK and Cocoon9 brand.


Chris Burch on Forbes


Forbes magazine reports the billionaire investor having sold off his 28% share investment in the fashion company now controlled by the wife. The proceeds from that solo sale hit $650 million. As of 2014, his wealth has soared to clock the magical $1B mark. Mr. Burch is 64 year old.


Highland Capital Management Evolution

Highland Capital is an independently owned investment firm that boasts a 20-year experience in the financial and investment world. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management has a network of offices in other states like New York. They also have international offices in São Paulo, Seoul, and Singapore. The firm has an impressive and growing team of 180 employees that are stationed around the world.

The firm has managed to handle hedge funds, structured finance as well as distressed securities. In 2014, the firm reported having assets worth an estimate of $18.7 billion under its management.

The investment firm also published on their website their diversified client base which included; corporations, pension plans, financial institutions, governments as well as individuals with a high net worth.

In 1990, Dondero and Okada together with Protective Life Insurance Corporation agreed to form a joint venture. In 1993, this venture transformed into PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company). In 1997, both Dondero and Okada purchased the shares of Protective Life from PAMCO and formed Ranger Asset Management, L.P which later was renamed to Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Established in 1993, Highland Capital Management has been under the leaderships of James Dondero and Mark Okada. Dondero serves as the CFA, CMA, cofounder, and President of the firm. Mr. Okada takes the roles of CFA, cofounder, and Chief Investment Officer.

This investment firm has managed to cut its path and navigate the tricky and risky financial world. The management has stressed the importance of expanding their business to the global market, which saw them open offices in London.

The core motive of the business has been to provide value to their investors through new opportunities, providing unique opportunities that will yield the best return to their clients, as well as protect their investor’s capital.

Highland Capital has managed to achieve this level of success through their proactive employees and years of experience in the financial sector. The management team has put in place some diverse investment strategies that will help diversify the risk and help investors gain the most from the markets.

Other than being an investment firm, Highland Capital has managed to engage in charity to improve the communities. Since 2005, the firm has helped to contribute over $10 million to organizations around the world.

Clay Siegall’s Relentless Efforts To Fight Cancer Through Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is a prominent scientist who is reputable for his remarkable contributions in the field of cancer research. His deep passion of helping others and undying desire to eradicate cancer saw him co-found Seattle Genetics in 1998. This biotechnology company focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative antibody-based cancer therapies. As the CEO of the corporation, Dr. Clay has exhibited unique leadership skills that have resulted in the development of cutting-edge products and services. Within five years of operations, the company’s stock tripled in value. Seattle Genetics is an industry leader owing to its great advancements in cancer research and creation of viable cancer therapies.

Clay played a pivotal role in the development of their first antibody-drug conjugate (ADCs). In 2011, he oversaw the approval of ADCETRIS by FDA. ADCETRIS is quickly gaining popularity in the market. It is now sold in over 60 countries across the world. Clay is determined to promote ADCETRIS to ensure that the medical community prioritizes cancer research with the objective of producing more drugs. Seattle Genetics has also embarked on expanding its product portfolio by developing a pipeline of more ADCs. In addition, Dr. Siegall has spearheaded the fundraising activities of the corporation to raise over $1.2 billion from private and public funding. They have used this capital to advance cancer research by incorporating the most innovative technology. The industry leader focuses on making new scientific achievements. Presently, Clay Siegall holds 15 patents.

After his graduation from George Washington University, Clay began his practice in medical research by working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a senior researcher. His hard work earned him a promotion to serve as a principal scientist before joining the National Cancer Institute as a staff and biotechnology fellow. He also served at the National Institutes of Health. Clay sits on the boards of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals and Washington Roundtable. In 2013, the University of Maryland honored Dr. Clay Siegall with the Alumnus of the Year award for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. He is also a recipient of the 2012 Pacific Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay has authored over 70 publications. He holds a PhD in Genetics and a B.S. in Zoology.

John Goullet Making A Difference In The Business World

 John Goullet began his pursuits for a life of success through attending the university Ursinus College back in the year of 1979 where he maintained his dedicated studies for his entire higher learning career up until his graduation in the year of 1983. Upon leaving his school behind, he first became the owner as well as the Chief Executive Officer of his own company which went by the name of Info Technologies, Inc., during the year of 1994 in the month of July. Building up his company and himself with dutiful strides into a place of wild successes and high acclaim for himself within his field, John Goullet made his business into his top priority up until his leave in the February of 2010, all of fifteen years later after having put all his heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into the project of making Info Technologies, Inc., fantastic.

Upon leaving Info Technologies, Inc., behind him, John Goullet decided it was time to take a new leap into a different position as the Chairman of a company that was making true history in the present through it’s act of becoming the largest firm dealing with IT Solutions and Staffing that was owned and ran by an African-American individual. The company went by the name of Diversant LLC which was conceived back in _____. Joining on to the team in the February of 2010, John Goullet adopted a laundry list of exciting business responsibilities that allowed him to exercise his creativity through the assistance in coming out with unique ideas that could stand the test of time and potentially positively implicate the future generation to take things farther than they’d ever gone before. Caring deeply for his job and his many original clients which he was given the honor of attending to the needs and dreams of, John Goullet has managed to make it his mission in life to do as much quality work for his clients as he is physically possible of offering to them. With a generous heart and the unfailing passion for his work, Goullet is doing great things!