Global Tel Link Gets a Time-out

Securus Technologies plans to release a series facts, findings and articles that will provide insight on integrity breaches and wrongdoing committed by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (GTL). Securus, being a leading provider of innovative technology solution for both civil and criminal justice system, plans to uphold integrity in serving one of most society’s vulnerable group- the inmates’ loved ones. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus, Richard A. Smith, mentioned that he found it very offensive that when an inmate communications provider would stoop so low far beyond the integrity bar. While GTL would not do the same, Mr. Smith found it fair that all carriers ought to serve their customers with only the best interests at heart, which most the right way.
With that in mind, over the course of the next six months, Securus Technologies plans to outline a list of systematic or potential wrongdoings by GTL through a series of press release. This, in effect, will be a means of putting the company in the spotlight and shaming them into upholding more upright work values.
Being a for-profit American association, Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. When the company was started in 1986, it had regional offices set up in Allen, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Carrolton, Texas. The company, reportedly, is said to have contracts with close to 2600 correctional facilities in the United States only. A recent financial report made by the company states that in the past three years the company had invested more than $600 million worth of technologies, patents, and acquisitions.
On May 12th this year, Securus Technologies were given accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and were rated A+. By working hand in hand with the BBB, Securus had not only received their highest rating but also were given a formal accreditation in the form of what they say and issue out in print. In receiving this accreditation, Securus Technologies had done their part in meeting the required standards set up by BBB.

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White Shark Media Uses Einstein Theory To Address Issues

It was once said that insanity was the act of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Albert Einstein was a great man who had great philosophies. Some companies keep doing the same things but they ignore the problems that are causing them so much grief. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Thankfully, there are a few companies out there that can recognize their problems, attempt to fix them, and have the ability to move forward. One such company is White Shark Media Complaints team. They are a rather new company as they have only been opened since 2011, but they have shown that they intend to stick around for the long haul.

White Shark Media knows that they haven’t always done everything right, they are in a learning curve. What they do offer their customer is their candor. Yeah, they have made some mistakes. However, they are doing everything they can to ensure that they don’t make them again.

When customers write into this company and voice their concerns, they give them top priority. One of the biggest concerns was a lack of communication regarding their AdWords campaigns. It was a simple fix. All of the customers who sign up with them now get a dedicated representative to handle their needs.

Customers seemed to embrace the changes well, but there were some who did not like the representative assigned to their case. They didn’t feel they had the same goals for their campaign. This is another matter that White Shark Media took very seriously.

Being able to work together is the very foundation of any good campaign. So, they put senior managers over each account representative to oversee their workload.

Another issue that was a big source of contention was the fact that customers were not getting reports and communication in a timely manner. Now, all customers get a monthly report and a meeting about their status.

They can know exactly what their campaign is doing to increase their sales. The goal is to make money, and White Shark Media wants to make sure that their customers know exactly where their return on investment stands.

Unlike so many companies who have the complex that it’s their way or the highway, White Shark Media really does value their customers. They want to ensure that they are building a company that hears their customers and responds accordingly. It seems that what they are doing is working well. They continue to grow and work through the bumps in the road.