OSI Industries Awarded Globe Of Honour For Tremendous International And Local Efforts

OSI Industries is a company that provides solutions for other business to obtain food products and apportion them accordingly within that company. OSI Industries has the honor of being awarded many awards over the years. They are a company that has grown and expanded rapidly. With so much growth they have caught the eye of many as they sweep the world with products and solutions to providing products with a level of grace unmatched to other companies.

OSI Food Solutions is a company based originally within the UK. Over the years they have acquired more operation sites throughout the globe. British Safety Council has been impressed with the work of OSI Industries. OSI has a goal to make sure the production and distribution of their product is eco-friendly. They desire to reduce the amount of environmental risk and harm that could be done to the environment. With their excellent work in this area British Safety Council has awared them the coveted Globe of Honour Award for the year of 2016. This award is given to company across the planet. Out of all the organizations in the world, British Safety Council only distributed this award to 18 organizations. OSI Food Solutions and Industries was one of them. OSI Industries is a company that has non stop innovation. Innovation that even has them acquire other companies to further their agenda of safely supply food products to companies.

OSI Industries has also acqured several companies and organizations to enhance their ability to service clients. Some of these companies include Baho Food and Tyson Food Plant just to name a few. These companies will help further a goal OSI Industries has for their employees. OSI seeks to give a holistic approach to how they handle the workload of staff. They want staff to be challenged in their work, but also find it enlightening and enhancing their personal performance level as a worker. With OSI constantly rewarding employees for their work and offering opportunities to staff, they easily weed out non passionate workers. They share the mindset to be passionate, driven, and having an open mind to unorthodox solutions to solve complex issues.

OSI Industries will more than likely continue to innovate. With this innovation spreading worldwide, it is no wonder they received the Globe of Honour Award. OSI Industries is changing how companies operate. With a goal to impact the world, meanwhile, empowering staff to develop new skills and grow people with purpose who have a sense of wholeness and belonging.

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