NuoDB Is Taking Over The Cloud Technology World

NuoDB is a memory-centric, Acid compliant database that adheres to the typical SQL design. Just like other SQL software products, it is compatible with all of the typical commands. Users of other SQL versions will have a breeze implementing their applications onto the new cloud-based database.

Since it is such a dynamic and efficient platform, companies will save lots of money implementing NuoDB on their cloud-based hardware. Keeping the management out of the coders and into the database will improve efficiency when delivering requests. NuoDB is also much simpler than typical SQL architectures, allowing for easy implementations for new users.

More and more, large corporations have been transferring their operations to cloud-based server architectures. Cloud technology is necessary to provide fast performance and backups for when hardware fails without expectation. Such technology will also reduce overall infrastructure costs and mitigate profit losses. NuoDB is designed to make transitioning to cloud technology much easier than before.

The company was started in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. They set out with their first project NimbusDB and it had evolved into NuoDB. After successful fundraising in 2012, the product launched as one of the leading database products in the world.

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