Michel Terpins is Becoming a Dominant Force in the T1 Prototype Rally Category

Rally driving, while invigorating, is a difficult sport. Consistently remaining fast throughout the various stages of a rally requires a steady mind and steady hands. These skills are only perfected after years of racing. At the ripe age of 40, Brazilian rally driver Michel Terpins is just beginning to perfect the skill of rally driving. He was the winner in the T1 prototype category during the recently concluded 2017 edition of the Bull Sertoes rally. The win was a well-deserved one having taken part in more than ten editions of the rally.

Background and Beginnings as a Rally Driver

Michel Terpins was introduced to rally driving by his family. He hails from a sport-oriented family with his father being an accomplished basketball player while he was in college. His elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins, was the one who first expressed his desire to go into motorsport. Spurred on by the mutual love he had for racing with his brother, Michel soon after decided to do the same. He first started out in the motorcycle category where he made his debut as a professional rider in 2002. However, he later had a change of mind and decided to perfect his craft in car racing, particularly the T1 category.

The T-Rex Rally Car

For the last few years, Michel Terpins has been driving a T-Rex car developed by the famed MEM Motorsport. The highly reliable car has not only allowed him to keep pace with the fastest rally drivers in his category but also maneuver through almost all stages without developing any mechanical problems. As he continues using the vehicle in coming years, more wins are expected from the Brazilian driver.

Bull Sortoes Rally Team

Michel Terpins’s support team is known as the Bull Sortoes Rally Team. The other driver included in the team is his brother, Rodrigo Terpins. In addition to MEM Motorsport, the team boasts a long list of reputable sponsors, including Xarla, 100% events, Motul and Terpins, and Bull Sertoes. The organization of this magnificent team has allowed Michel Terpins to concentrate on what he does best: racing.

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