Meet The Dentist Who Holds The Future Of Dentistry

Having been in the field and extensive experience in both corporate and sole dentistry, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, founded his company on his knowledge of the industry which named MB2 Dental. As a result of his commitment and passion for what he likes doing his company has spread its wings to serve clients and practitioners in more than 6 States across the US. The company has currently 533 employees who are closely knitted with the leadership of the company thus making the excellence of the company possible. The drive behind Chris Villanueva starting his company is the realization that the dental practitioners required some specialized and advanced assistance which was not linked to some paybacks or other attached strings. The basic factor that has made MB2 Dental transform the dental industry, the lives of practitioners and patients is the corporation.

MB2 Dental was not founded with an aim of making huge profits as some companies do; it was founded to bring transformations in this industry. Dr. Chris Villanueva had a guiding principle in his mind that various dentists will come together, blend with each other and accomplish more compared to when they work solely. The fresh perspective that this company has brought has made many change their mind about dentistry while many dentists and patients are enjoying the presence of this company in their locality. The reason why the company stands higher than its equals is the way it is focused on support, autonomy, personal growth and having some fun together as doctors with their patients. It is no longer like the traditional dental routines that are uninspired and very drab. The innovations employed basically improve the operating standards in the company that lead to happier dentists and patients.

Some notable things that Dr. Chris Villanueva and the entire MB2 Dental takes pride in are their swiftness in knowing what is happening around them in terms of the emerging trends and standards in dentistry. They are well backed with tangible success and youthful culture where every practitioner can learn from their colleagues and develop each other. They have an expert team that ensures dentists sail through some storms that may come in form of legal, payroll, marketing, HR or maybe compliance to some standards. Their swift response to the need of the market is also a thing that they take pride in. Unlike the reserved traditional dentists, this group of dentists usually refreshes their minds by having a retreat once a year where they meet and intermingle with other dentists who believe in their philosophy. It is really fun for Dr. Chris Villanueva and his colleagues.

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