José AuriemoNeto Makes JHSF Synonymous with Luxury

José AuriemoNeto is responsible for launching ParqueCidadeJardim. His father was not keen on this project as he did not like the area and did not see any future here. But Jos AuriemoNeto managed to convince him. But this is a project that involves astronomical figures practically everywhere. José AuriemoNeto has managed all of these in the minutest detail.

He had to remove seventy families to construct this project. They had to be removed from a nearby favela. This is where JHSF had to spend 2.8 million reais. This is because removing each shack cost them 40,000 reais.

This is a project in which José AuriemoNeto wanted to build above the permitted limit for this region. This is where JHSF spent 50 million reais. This was for buying certificates that would allow them this additional construction potential. Now, these certificates are being made use of in order to construct a bridge that will be on the Pinheiros River.

This way the construction of this Garden City has made Jos AuriemoNeto win the title of being the king of luxury in the city.

Last year JHSF had invested 16 million reais. This was for becoming a member of the Fasano hotel chain. Next, an agreement was signed with Daslu. This was to ensure that ElianaTranchesi will open stores in all those shopping centers that are being developed by JHSF.

José AuriemoNeto has launched an allotment of condominiums in Porto Feliz. These are in AAA category. He will be developing a similar project in Punta del Este, Uruguay. He has already bought land for that project.

He is just 31 years old. But he has big plans for expansion. He plans to open shopping malls and hotels in several other Brazilian cities as well as other metropolises around the world.

His partner is RogérioFasano. He is highly impressed to see José AuriemoNeto involved in so many things at such a young age.

This way José AuriemoNeto has managed to impress all those who work around him. He has taken luxury to a new level this way.

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