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According to Twitter, “Words indicating labor in most European languages originate in an imagery of compulsion, torment, affliction…” Even though the word work by today’s standards is no longer synonymous with torment, it can harbor a negative connotation for those who are overworked. It’s no secret that work can become an all-consuming entity if you let it be. Indeed, humans can work themselves to the bone for the sake of survival, but this takes its toll on our happiness and well being.

This is due in large part to the reliance people have on their  jobs to survive and to enjoy the fulfilling lives we all strive to acquire. This makes a work addiction easier to develop than it sounds. but these work obsessions are counter-productive when it comes to workflow. People typically obsess over work, because they want to get all the details spot on, but if an individual is not taking periodic breaks, the probability of that individual making a mistake is increased. It’s no secret that no employee, or employer for that matter, wants this for their team, but not all of them know how to combat it. Jeff Schneider, CEO of a private company in Austin TX, knows this and seeks to help his employees maintain and sometimes even restore their personal wellness. For this reason, Jeff Schneider stands out as a boss.

Neuroscientists have proven that relaxation directly affects office workflow. Indeed, relaxation is essential for an individual to be able to finish work and function at a high level. They further found that relaxation enables employees to work at peak efficiency with an improved capacity for social interaction, having a positive attitude, staying motivated, and channeling creativity. Jeff is familiar with the research that asserts that healthy employees can work at top speed and quality which is why he has made wellness programs easily accessible and widely available within his office. In addition to this. Jeff adamantly recommends healthy lifestyles outside work hours.  Wellness programs are trending and for good cause. They allow employers to openly support wellness and fitness activities for their staff. A workplace wellness program can incorporate sponsored workshops, regular yoga classes during lunchtime, or even paying for a full-service gym on company property. Through committing to habitual exercise and a healthy diet, an individual can support their immune system while energizing the mind which contributes to improved productivity. Even though Jeff understands that wellness programs cannot solve all employee productivity hiccups, he asserts that the benefits of wellness programs can substantially reduce downtime and improve the wellbeing of his employees.



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