Igor Cornelsen Lays Out Some Sound Financial Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen is a master stock broker and investor. Cornelsen runs the Bainbridge Group, a private offshore investment fund incorporated in the Bahamas. Mr. Cornelsen also tutor young financial investors and stock market brokers who are looking to learn the fundamentals of investment and trading from the pros.

A native of Brazil, Igor has led several of Brazil’s largest financial institutions. When you invest in Brazil, Igor suggests that you pay attention to and monitor the behavior of the big banks of Brazil which include the likes of Bank Itau and Citibank Brazil.

After leaving Brazilian banking and stock market trading, Igor Cornelsen would return to Brazil many times as an advisor and consultant to the banks he used to lead. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: https://twitter.com/igorcornelsen and https://about.me/igorcornelsen1

Right now Igor is semi-retired and resides in Florida in the United States. He still still manages a private investment fund called the Bainbridge Group which includes investor money as well as a large part of his own wealth. When he is not managing his fund, Igor enjoys playing on the myriad amount of golf courses found in South Florida.

Igor Cornelsen’s Advice For Stock Investment

Mr. Cornelsen says that when you are investing money in company stock, you are literally becoming a part owner in that firm with your stock certificate representing ownership in that company. He says that you need to think of the long term gains you can make by buying ownership or stock in that firm. Investing wisely requires a lot of though and research.

One of the things that an investor should be looking at before investing his money in a company’s stock is the leadership. If a company has a revolving door of top executives than this should be a red flag to potential investors. Companies who cannot retain their executives often have serious problems.

There could be mismanagement going or worse, fraud such as cooking the accounting books. In such cases, Igor advises investors to steer clear of investing their money into such companies.

Another thing to be aware of is profitability cycles. Some companies may seem to perform poorly but will then generate big returns in a couple of years. By carefully researching a company’s history and their profits you can be able to spot and determine a company’s cycle.

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