How Lori Senecal has Supported CP+B’s Growth

Lori Senecal is one of the top professionals in the digital marketing industry. She is the current global CEO of the CP+B and has also been serving as the president of MDC Partners Networks. Senecal recently revealed that she would be retiring from the industry at the end of 2017. She has been working at CP+B since March 2015 and has made tremendous contributions that have enabled it to be successful in the international markets. The chairman of the firm, Chuck Potter, has been striving to ensure that it will have excellent professionals who will take her position. Senecal said that she has been assisting Potter in nurturing the expertise of the various employees during her time in office. Her performance as the head of the company has been outstanding and had exceeded the expectations of CP+B’s board.

According to Adage, Lori’s excellent administration skills have helped CP+B in broadening its presence in the international markets. She worked with various senior employees in setting up exceptional communication and management strategies that simplify the coordination of its branches that are located in different parts of the world. Lori Senacal has built healthy relationships with the junior staff of the company, and this has enabled her to be an excellent leader. She managed to win the American Airline account within a few months after joining the CP+B.

CP+B is currently working to improve the administration of expertise of its regional leaders. The agency recently elevated Danielle Aldrich to act as the president of CP+B West. She formerly served as the co-managing director of CP+B. Aldrich’s current office has made her the supervisor of the Los Angeles and Boulder branches of CP+B. The agency also promoted executives such as CP+B Brazil and Miami’a Vinicius Reis, CP+B Beijing’s Bamboo Yee, and CP+B Europe’s Richard Pinder. Danielle Aldrich has spent 14 years of her career serving CP+B and has helped in the management of the accounts of American Airlines, Hershey, and Visit Business for more info

Senecal’s career in the digital advertising sector has been successful. She started by working at various agencies in Canada. Lori has risen over the years and has been an administrator of MDC Partners Network, KBS+, and McCann New York.

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