Here’s What Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Doing for Prostate Cancer

While virtually everybody with an able mind and of old enough age to interpret language understands that cancer is one of our modern world’s worst health problems, not everybody is aware of specific types of cancers, which types of people are more likely to fall to them, and what should be done prior to diagnosis. Fortunately for men around the entire United States of America, the National Football League will be running a line of videos to increase awareness of prostate cancer, more deadly to men in America than any other cancer besides lung cancer, called Prostate Pep Talk.

Some of the NFL’s best former coaches will be featured in commercials up through October 15th. Short snippets will be shown during games and on commercials during breaks, although the full two-minute long videos will be available on the Internet for enhanced viewing experiences. On August 30th, events for the Prostate Pep Talk campaign were held in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa, each having occurred at Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s four locations outside of its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. NFL players among the likes of Steve Largent, Simeon Rice, and DJ Shockley were a few of the big names present at these good-hearted events.

The National Football League Alumni Association, LabCorp, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America have banded together to give away 2,000 PSA screens, or Prostate Specific Antigen blood tests that detect existing prostate cancer or men being at risk for it. Every person after the 2,000th will only have to pay $25 for their prostate cancer tests. Fortunately for men who sign up for the free and discounted procedures, they can be performed at any licensed healthcare facility and also at any time with six months of obtaining the free certificates or the discount vouchers. Simply drop by LabCorb’s locations – any one or all 1,750 of them – in the United States.

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