Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

 Amazon may dominate the online fashion market by maintaining a consistent fifth of the total sales in that arena, but Fabletics is definitely carving out a niche of its own in the ‘activewear’ arena. Kate Hudson is leading the initiative by keeping the company on the rise and achieving over a quarter billion dollar value in just a few short years. The model that has fed this fast growth is the reverse showroom technique and a subscription-based service.


In general, one of the biggest disadvantages of a brick and mortar store is that it tends to attractive a wave of people who use the stores to see the new physical products in person and then shop elsewhere online in order to obtain the best possible price. This offline browsing in the fashion market often includes trying things on in order to find the best fit and to peruse other complementary items. Fabletics keeps browsing a positive by only placing stores in areas where about 30-50%, probably a majority soon, of walk-in customers are already going to be subscription members and then another quarter of those entering will become one during their visit. In that way, it does not matter much whether the customer shops offline or online through the vendor.


Data is key to being able to leverage customer preferences into the physical store as well. Deep learning algorithms are being implemented and continually tweaked so that the stock that is maintained will accurately reflect local trends, social media sentiment, and a host of other related metrics. All of this has gone a long way to insuring that Fabletics is able to compete with Amazon in the modern and future marketplace which requires innovation to succeed. Any fashion company (and many other categories) will need to thoroughly consider the opponent Amazon in order to thrive in such a manner.


That is a short summary of how the methodology works, and now it is important to take a brief look at the product lineup and reviews. Fitness apparel is one area where it is important that the clothing be able to withstand the rigors which will be imparted on it through exercise and an active lifestyle. Customers are saying that items like the leggings are thick enough so as to avoid any see through issues and incorporate great compression so that the wearer’s body can be sculpted in a way that keeps everything in its proper place. The tops are soft and high quality with similar great features although some reviewers are saying that they run a little small, so just be aware of that when designing a wardrobe. The style of the items runs from traditional to innovative with things like cut-outs, sheer fabrics, and bold patterns. Of course the value is great when compared to competitive expensive brands like Beyond Yoga or Splits 59.


All of the aforementioned places Fabletics in a league of its own and should be enough to encourage anyone to sign on with Kate Hudson and join the revolution.




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