End Citizens United Projects $35 Million for the 2018 Cycle

In April 2017, End Citizens United (USA) announced its House endorsements. The list included candidates who took part in finance reform campaigns in 11 states. These endorsements are expected to help ECU connect the 19 candidates to more than 3 million members. Some of the endorsed candidates include Tom O’Halleran, Pete Aguilar, Peter, DeFazion, Ted, Deutch, Matt Cartwright and Cheri Bustos. The executive director of ECY, Tiffany Muller, believes that American want a transparent government. They don’t want a government filled with leaders who have personal interests. She added that the candidates they endorsed are working to ensure “Big Money” doesn’t run the government.



End Citizens United raised over $825,000 in the Georgia 6th District. The average contribution was $14. The group spent on competitive House and Senate races in the 2016 cycle. This influenced the election of 15 Congress members who included Sen. Catherine Cortez and Sen. Maggie Hassan. The endorsements for the 2018 cycle came after an exciting month for the PAC.



During the first quarter of this year, the group managed to collect over $4 million. ECU announced in April that they intend to raise $35 million through dollar donations. This will be more than the $25 million they raised in the 2016 cycle. Tiffany Muller reported that about 100,000 people contributed to the political action committee during the first three months of this year. She added that ECU’s goal was to elect leaders who champion for finance reforms.



End Citizens United received an average contribution of $12 this year. Muller said that the donors of the group support the fight against a government that’s influenced by those who write the biggest checks. She added that Democrats were “ready to fight back” against President Trump’s agenda as well as his nominees. Recently, ECU has helped raise $500,000 for Jon Ossoff’s campaign. Democrat Ossof has already raised $4 million, which has come as a surprise to most politicians. Tiffany Muller said that the PAC is still figuring out which races they’ll take part in. She hinted that End Citizens United will support Democratic Senators Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown.



The name of the group refers to the Citizens United Decision of the Supreme Court, which allows corporate and union donations in elections. The decision also helped establish super political action committees. ECU doesn’t accept donations that exceed $5,000 from a single donor.



End Citizens United has built strong relationships with campaign-finance parties. For instance, they worked with more than 24 groups to discourage Republican senators from voting Betsy DeVos as the Education Secretary of President Trump. Most of these groups had received campaign funds from the DeVos Family. This led to a 50-50 vote. VP Pence was the tiebreaker and voted in DeVos’ favor.




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