Eli Gershkovich Amazing Success Story

While regular beers were experiencing record decrease in sales, craft beer wasn’t affected much. The overall consumption and sale of beer in Canada have been on a flat rate since 1995. Craft beers sales have on the contrary been skyrocketing in the last half-decade.

Eli Gershkovich is the CEO and one of the most renowned craft brewers in the world. Interestingly, this highly respected CEO worked was an attorney before he opened a brewpub. His interest in craft beer was harnessed in 1987 when as an attorney when he visited Europe. It is here where he toured multiple breweries and appreciated the distinctive flavors of the beverage. Gershkovich decided to manufacture beer and sell it to customers at this point. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Affiliate Dork.

It was eight years later in 1995 that Gershkovich finally opened Steamworks Brew Pub. His brewpub stood out from all the other brewpubs in Canada as it relied on a steam-powered system to produce beer. After tasting the first batch of his beer, Eli Gershkovich decided to stick to the uniquely delicious flavor he had made.

His brewpub succeeded in attracting beer lovers, and as the owner and CEO, Gershkovich decided to expand it. Initially, he had designed his pub to accommodate a maximum of 184 seats. However, the brewpub owner expanded it fourfold to accommodate up to 570 seats. The expansion increased the access of his company’s product. Today, people over multiple provinces in Canada can access the specially brewed craft beer. In fact, the Steamworks craft beer is now accessible to people in Australia, Germany, Italy, and Hong Kong. Despite the increase in transportation and distribution costs, Steamworks brewers are yielding a lot in revenues.

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Though Eli Gershkovich initially started his company with a partner, it took him only two years to take control of the company. As the CEO, Eli prefers to manage his business independently. He is not open to answering to board members or stock investors while abandoning the more important goals. Steamworks Brew Pub is now a household name. Eli Gershkovich had never doubted the potential of craft beer. With his secret manufacturing weapon in the open, Eli remains confident that no one else can produce the pleasant and unique taste that he does. Learn more about Eli at releasefact.com.

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