Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Take on Remaining Stylish and Professional as a Medical Practitioner

Dr. Akhil Reddy is one of the few accomplished medical practitioners at MB2 Dental, which specializes in offering technical guidance to upcoming dentists. Additionally, the firm also accords financial assistance to dentists under its outfit to enable them to provide services in various parts of the USA. For Dr. Akhil, his portfolio speaks for itself as he has a long history of volunteering and social work has been a member of the Red Cross Society. Since he had a passion for helping others through his expertise, he was enrolled at the University of the Pacific to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Dental Surgery. After his graduation, he enrolled for a doctorate class where earned his honors in Doctor of Philosophy in Dental Surgery. Since then, he became a passionate dental practitioner offering services to his community in Dallas hence fame and influence in the area.
How to Choose Your Wine
On the choice of wine, Dr. Akhil advises that there is need to go for quality wines that are unmistakably less costly. He asserts that the basic elements of a good wine are not premised not only on their rich taste, but the type of grape used to make it. In this regard, Dr. Akhil advises that you need to stick to picking wines on the ‘entry level’ rather than the notable names in the wine market. On his priority list, is the Chateau d’Aiguilhe de Bordeaux Castillon that costs $18. He asserts that this type of wine suits you well after a good meal since it has that fruity and sweet flavor. When looking at freshness and vibrancy in wine, he advises that this type of red wine is worth your time.
Dressing as Under the White Coat
Regarding dressing, Dr. Akhil, advises that dressing well can never be excused especially with the fact that working in this environment requires adorning white lab coats. Contrary to the prevalent thought that the white coats are a nuisance to some practitioners, these professional clothing are protective and helps you maintain your sense of style. On his contribution to how to dress under a white coat, he advises that you need to create a mentality that you can handle fashion and your profession. In this regard, Dr. Akhil asserts that having a simple dress shirt and a tie gives an excellent blend of style and professionalism. Having this combination ensures that you embody a formal look under that white coat that also assures you the comfort you require to move around the workplace.

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