Creating Equality Using Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship promotes equality in the society. Social entrepreneurship also gives hope to the less fortunate in the society because they can access things that they do not have. People lack opportunities because they lack economic empowerment. Most people in the society are poor. South Africa has no difference. The highest population in South Africa is poor. This affects children who are born in these families. They lack education, health, and social services. Education is a social equalizer. It enables people to access opportunities that education offers. Health is a necessity for human beings. It is expensive sometimes, and poor people cannot access it. There is social entrepreneurship that enables people to access health facilities with ease. Ubuntu Foundation is a social entrepreneurship. It has changed many lives in the society.

Ubuntu Foundation is a social entrepreneurship that gives health, education, and social services to the poor people in South Africa. Ubuntu Foundation majorly provides education to poor children in the society. This enables them to access education. Children who are educated by the Foundation volunteer to also help others while on holidays. This creates a cycle that enables the foundation to be self-sufficient. Andrew Rolfe manages Ubuntu Foundation. He had this idea of creating a society that benefits all people. This idea drove him to pitch to different investors. Most investors did not show interest at first. The foundation benefited many people after some time. This is when it attracted many investors.

The investors have enabled the foundation to grow from helping a small number of individuals to a large group of people. The Foundation has developed and has created opportunities for young people in the community. It gives young people an opportunity to serve their community as volunteers. This facilitates the people to learn how to love their community and serve it. This enables the co-existence of people in the society. People help each other as they learn from each other. Social enterprises should facilitate people to live in peace. Young people should develop solutions that promote the co-existence of the society. This will impact the society positively.

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