NutriMost Sues Their Rival Comany For Using Their Promotional Video

NutriMost was recently featured in Daily News when their rival Healthy Living tried to falsely advertise their services through stealing their promotional video. They used the video to advertise Can’t Lose Diet under false pretenses. Doctors have warned it can be dangerous to use a health regimen that isn’t FDA approved. Furthermore, eating food with additives and your not sure of its contents. NutriMost encourages their customers to lose up to 40 pounds in up to 90 days.

You’ll be glad to know that NutriMost doesn’t require any diet or exercise. You can utilize their prepackaged meal plan that allows you to eat when you want. You don’t ever have to starve yourself. They have become very popular and their clients stayed loyal throughout the disloyalty of their rivals. They are committed to protecting their reputation and have sued their rivals for an undisclosed amount of money in federal court. However, Healthy Living has failed to comply with a cease-and-desist order to quit using their promotional video.

Nutrimost provides prepackaged meals with some of the best meat in the industry. You have the option to lose weight with the best meat products that include turkey, chicken, beef, and salmon. Each great tasting prepackaged meals that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. There are plenty of great vegetables that include zucchini, eggplants, brocoli and more. In fact, their condiments that include mustard and ketcup don’t include additives. Lose the weight and get your self esteem back from eating a bit to much over the holidays. NutriMost works for a fraction of the cost of their competitors that offer weight lost.