A Look Into The Entrepreneurial Journey Of Eric Pulier

Entrepreneurship powers the world and offers many openings that young individuals can exploit. Many professionals who have had their enterprises grow to become successful had earlier learnt about the art from mentors and people whose influence to the world of business has remained unwavering. Eric Pulier, however, is a unique case as he is one individual who has always believed in working his way up the ladder to reach the hidden treasures and gifts of life. He is a technologist, entrepreneur and a philanthropist who has directed more interest in working with those suffering from chronic illnesses.


Passion for programming and education

When Eric Pulier started showing interest for computer programming at fourth grade, many thought this was just a momentarily pulse that would wane out. However, his passion for the field stayed calm and grew later to become a discovery of his talent. He first developed a computer database company immediately after joining high school. The success of this project offered him additional motivation to further pursue his dream of becoming a successful technologist and entrepreneur. Eric Pulier pursued his course and when he graduated from Teaneck High school, he chose to join the Harvard University.


At the Harvard University, Eric Pulier was placed to study American Literature and English. His success in this course allowed him to become one of the columnists of The Harvard Crimson, a magazine that posted information about the campus’ life and other ideas that could help students advance their understanding of the world. His passion for computer programming could not be left behind and so he also joined the MIT College to pursue Computer Science. In 1988, he completed both courses and amazingly emerged with high honors.



To be part of the philanthropic world and to help solve humanities problems, Eric Pulier joined several philanthropic foundations. He contributes regularly to the X-Prize Foundation, where he also sits as a board member. Eric Pulier has also been working with The Painted Turtle, an organization that offers support to children fighting chronic illnesses. His contribution to these foundations has allowed him to appreciate the beauty of supporting others to make the world better.


OSI Has A Small Business Style On A Global Scale

OSI has been around since 1909 when their first family market was established in Chicago. Their main office is currently located in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group has evolved over time to become one of the leaders in the food provider industry. They ship product all over the globe to businesses of all sizes. Because of their international contacts, they are able to source and provide a wide variety of product that is cost effective.They offer items such as snacks and deli meat. Some of the items include hot dogs, bacon, some vegetables, pizza, meat patties, and fish.

OSI is a privately held company even though they have several locations internationally. They pride themselves on operating like a small business and treat their employees like they are family. The CEO and Chairman of OSI International Foods is Sheldon Lavin. Mr. Lavin is also a General Trustee at Rush University Medical Center and once served as a Director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

The Baho Foods Company has five different locations and a manufacturing facility that is located Germany. Also joining the OSI Group family is the managing director of Baho Foods, John Balvers. John Balvers says that he is quite excited to be joining OSI and working with their talented group of professionals to help direct the company to greater success and give more opportunity to the resident of Europe.

OSI Group allows businesses to easily access a variety of foods that will help boost their sales and add a layer of convenience.The acquisition of this company allows OSI to have a more prominent position in the European market because Baho Foods is a Dutch company. The OSI Group was listed as number 58 on Forbes list of largest privately held companies. They have managed to enjoy a great deal of success over the many years that they have been in business because they have a unique business plan the includes creating a warm working environment for their employees. They feel that if they have a close knit community of employees that feel as though they matter in the success of the business that they will work their best and enjoy their time with the company.  They continue to expand globally and plan to create even more opportunities to reach other countries that they do not yet provide service to.

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