Dr. Saad Saad: The Physician In Practice Who Improves The Practice Itself

When opportunities come, one should be wise enough to grab it by the neck in case it disappears and never comes back. Such is what Dr. Saad Saad experienced in the 1980s when he was offered the position of a personal pediatric surgeon for no less than one of the most important people in Saudi, the Saudi Royal.



There might be two important reasons why Dr. Saad Saad was chosen for the position. For the most part, he is one of the most competent doctors today, let alone board-certified to serve as a pediatric surgeon. What’s also extra special in Dr. Saad Saad is that he speaks excellent Arabic and English. Language is one important element of any success, and this is no less essential in the growth of Dr. Saad Saad’s success.



It’s also interesting to recap here the story of how Dr. Saad Saad transformed from just being a New Jersey surgeon to getting a wonderful job offer. Being born in Palestine but getting formal education in Kuwait, Saad Saad is not new to experiencing adventure in one’s career. He already also has experienced what it’s like to be in a family of doctors, since his siblings are one. Two of them are actually surgeons with the others having Master Degrees in Engineering.



Dr. Saad got a prestigious medical degree means that he has already the talent and intellect to serve superior clients. This might be one of the big reasons why he was selected to be offered by the Saudi Royal with such a wonderful opportunity. Dr. Saad Saad also shows dedication for serving both rich and poor clients. He even served a community of indigent children in the Holy Land of Jerusalem to make their lives better.



Another strength of Dr. Saad Saad is that he innovates. He doesn’t just serve the community with his medical profession. He also looks for ways to improve the methods. In this pursuit, Dr. Saad Saad improved the traditional methods involving operating a catheter and the surgical procedures during endoscopy.



These inventions have also allowed a lot of doctors to prevent further complications in their procedures. Needless complications are also costly to the patients, and so the contribution of Dr. Saad Saad extends its benefits to the patients themselves. Further, he also helps fellow surgeons by giving them advice on how to perform surgical protocols more efficiently.



About Dr. Saad Saad



Any profile about the doctor is incomplete without first saying that he is a surgeon from Eatontown, New Sery. The affiliations of Dr. Saad Saad also include serving the Jersey Shore University Medical Center and the prestigious Monmouth Medical Center. An outstanding medical degree is also what makes him stand out, which he got from the Cairo University School of Medicine. Learn more:  https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12


Newswatch TV Gets a Thumbs Up!

Newswatch TV reviews the latest movies, games, products, services, health, and technology news. They air on the Ion Network weekly and bi-monthly on the AMC Network. Newswatch covers the latest business reports, movie reviews, and product reviews as well. Many companies utilize their coverage to gain more exposure on the consumer market.

The Senior Director of Marketing for SteelSeries Professional Gaming Gear recently gave a great review of Newswatch TV. Tori Pugliese had only good things to say. She stated that getting started was a breeze. SteelSeries Professional Gaming Gear started working with them in the fall of 2013. They were easy to work with, and provided much-needed exposure to expanded audiences. Tori said Newswatch TV’s understanding of public relations and social media marketing helped communicate her company’s message in a relatable way. They wrote scripts and gave them media content in a timely manner. SteelSeries Professional Gaming Gear re-purposed the high-quality videos Newswatch TV created. Posting those on social media platforms helped to reach an even larger audience. Tori went on to say that the process of working with them was seamless. They understood her company’s needs and acted on them. She felt it’s been a great experience working with them.

Newswatch TV is a great source for entertainment, travel, health, consumer, and technology news. Host Andrew Tropiano receives additional reports from Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Susan Bridges. Newswatch TV is located in Washington D.C. and has an experienced staff with decades of practice.

The show has hosted over 650 celebrities! Stars that appeared include Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and Mila Kunis. This is just to name a few.

Newswatch TV began production in 1990. Since then they’ve aired over 10,000 stories with a range of subjects. Every episode reaches an average of 96 million households, and they recently celebrated their 1,000th original episode! Over a span of 25 years, Newswatch TV’s content has reached over 700 million people.

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Here’s What Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Doing for Prostate Cancer

While virtually everybody with an able mind and of old enough age to interpret language understands that cancer is one of our modern world’s worst health problems, not everybody is aware of specific types of cancers, which types of people are more likely to fall to them, and what should be done prior to diagnosis. Fortunately for men around the entire United States of America, the National Football League will be running a line of videos to increase awareness of prostate cancer, more deadly to men in America than any other cancer besides lung cancer, called Prostate Pep Talk.

Some of the NFL’s best former coaches will be featured in commercials up through October 15th. Short snippets will be shown during games and on commercials during breaks, although the full two-minute long videos will be available on the Internet for enhanced viewing experiences. On August 30th, events for the Prostate Pep Talk campaign were held in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa, each having occurred at Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s four locations outside of its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. NFL players among the likes of Steve Largent, Simeon Rice, and DJ Shockley were a few of the big names present at these good-hearted events.

The National Football League Alumni Association, LabCorp, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America have banded together to give away 2,000 PSA screens, or Prostate Specific Antigen blood tests that detect existing prostate cancer or men being at risk for it. Every person after the 2,000th will only have to pay $25 for their prostate cancer tests. Fortunately for men who sign up for the free and discounted procedures, they can be performed at any licensed healthcare facility and also at any time with six months of obtaining the free certificates or the discount vouchers. Simply drop by LabCorb’s locations – any one or all 1,750 of them – in the United States.

Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Take on Remaining Stylish and Professional as a Medical Practitioner

Dr. Akhil Reddy is one of the few accomplished medical practitioners at MB2 Dental, which specializes in offering technical guidance to upcoming dentists. Additionally, the firm also accords financial assistance to dentists under its outfit to enable them to provide services in various parts of the USA. For Dr. Akhil, his portfolio speaks for itself as he has a long history of volunteering and social work has been a member of the Red Cross Society. Since he had a passion for helping others through his expertise, he was enrolled at the University of the Pacific to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Dental Surgery. After his graduation, he enrolled for a doctorate class where earned his honors in Doctor of Philosophy in Dental Surgery. Since then, he became a passionate dental practitioner offering services to his community in Dallas hence fame and influence in the area.
How to Choose Your Wine
On the choice of wine, Dr. Akhil advises that there is need to go for quality wines that are unmistakably less costly. He asserts that the basic elements of a good wine are not premised not only on their rich taste, but the type of grape used to make it. In this regard, Dr. Akhil advises that you need to stick to picking wines on the ‘entry level’ rather than the notable names in the wine market. On his priority list, is the Chateau d’Aiguilhe de Bordeaux Castillon that costs $18. He asserts that this type of wine suits you well after a good meal since it has that fruity and sweet flavor. When looking at freshness and vibrancy in wine, he advises that this type of red wine is worth your time.
Dressing as Under the White Coat
Regarding dressing, Dr. Akhil, advises that dressing well can never be excused especially with the fact that working in this environment requires adorning white lab coats. Contrary to the prevalent thought that the white coats are a nuisance to some practitioners, these professional clothing are protective and helps you maintain your sense of style. On his contribution to how to dress under a white coat, he advises that you need to create a mentality that you can handle fashion and your profession. In this regard, Dr. Akhil asserts that having a simple dress shirt and a tie gives an excellent blend of style and professionalism. Having this combination ensures that you embody a formal look under that white coat that also assures you the comfort you require to move around the workplace.

NuoDB and its Innovative Elastic SQL Database

NuoDB is a SQL database company that offers database solutions for organizations seeking to optimize their database and cloud use. NuoDB offers database solutions that can bridge relational databases and cloud databases. NuoDB is based out of Cambridge, MA, and was launched by Barry S Morris and Jim Starkey in 2010. NuoDB business model revolves around its patented elastic SQL database. The benefit this “newSQl” database offers to organizations is the ability to add servers to an existing database without causing a slow down in the transferring of data. In fact, adding a new server will cause the database to run faster.

NuoDB is the first and only company to develop this type of technology. Because of this innovation, the patent for the elastic SQL database technology was issued in record time by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The vision for NuoDB today is to continue to expand the elastic SQL database technology to create the best performance achievable for the computing environment.

NuoDB uses the elastic SQL database to empower several business types such as organizations that require constant computing of data and transactions or organizations that just simply need a place to securely store data. NuoDB is steadily growing and reported its record quarter at the close of 2016. NuoDB seeks to bring a supreme efficiency by developing a hybrid cloud to continue the elasticity of databases.

NuoDB, The Future of Cloud Technology

The future of cloud computing and storage is here. NuoDB is a cutting edge technology that is here to bring companies into the 21st century. As storage needs increase for future Growth NuoDB provides the perfect solution. Whether you are looking to increase your current storage capacity, maintain it, or build for future growth NuoDB can provide it.
Gartner in its Magic Quadrant has listed one of the hottest startups in recent history, NuoDB for Operational Database Management Systems. This attention has caught the eye of venture capitalists around the country, which has contributed to its massive success in recent rounds of funding.
Founded in 2008, NuoDB has quickly become one of the front-runners for the future of cloud storage computing. With the help of co-founders Jim Starkey and Barry Morris the company continues to move forward in a positive direction. Look for NuoDB to continue to grow and become a leader in the cloud database industry.

Cassio Audi Is Famous For More Than One Reason

Just when you think you know everything about a person, you learn something new that you did not expect at all. That is the case for a lot of people with Cassio Audi when they learn about his rock and roll past.

It is difficult to imagine the Cassio Audi of today as someone who was a big rocker, but he was. He was the drummer and founding member of the band Viper from 1985 to 1989. During that time, the band put out two albums. Each of those albums did pretty well and helped make Cassio and his friends well known in the country.

The inspiration for these albums is said to have come from the heavy metal scene that was a big deal in the United Kingdom at the time. Those people were rebels and making great music, and that is what Cassio wanted to do for his region of the world as well. Viper was all about making something that people had not heard before.

As mentioned previously, they did particularly well with their second album “Theater of Fame”. It was the one that the fans liked the most, but it was also released right as Audi was feeling like he was ready to leave the band to do other things. He made the decision to do exactly that in 1989.

Interestingly for a rock star, he wanted to go after his MBA. He did go through the program and end up with an MBA which he still uses to this day in the world of finance. He has been an all-star in finance as well and some people know him only for the work that he does with that these days. Basically, he has made a name for himself in a variety of different realms, and each one of them is completely different from the other.

Talos Energy: Helping to Energize the Oil Field

Talos Energy, Sierra Oil, and Gas and Premier were awarded oil exploration rights in the Gulf of Mexico. The result of this has been huge. The consortium has discovered what some have described as “world class” oil find in the area. The area possibly has as much as 2 billing barrels of oil under the waves. Talos’s share of the pie is 35%. The well has been named Zama- 1 and by some estimates, it will take roughly four years to develop it into a fully operating well. In fact, the CEO of Talos, Tim Duncan, sums up the find in a couple of sentences. He has said that there are two sides to the story. First, the deposits are huge, which is a good thing, but on the other hand, because of its size, it will take time to get started.
There is a political side to all of this which is one of the reasons why this is important. This is the first time the Mexican government has allowed oil exploration to be done by private companies. As a result of this Francisco Monaldi, a Fellow at Rice Universities Baker Institute for Public Policy is optimistic that the Mexican government will encourage such ventures in the future. Obviously, this is big news for those in the oil and natural gas business. In fact, starting in 2015 the Mexican government began auctioning off land for drilling.
For the uninitiated, the oil and gas business in Mexico was monopolized by a government run company named “Petroleos Mexicanos” or PEMEX for short. However, due to red tape, this company consistently underperformed. This is the basic reason behind the Mexican governments about turn, and handing over drilling rights to private companies. For all of these reasons and more oil companies like Talos are expected to find more and more oil in the region.

For more information follow Talos Energy on Facebook.

Talos Energy Digs Zama-1

Talos Energy, Sierra Oil & Gas, and Premier Oil will all work together on the Zama-1 well. This is going to be the first time that a private company is allowed to dig for oil within Mexican waters. Mexico recently voted to bring competition back into their energy market in order to combat its downtrend. The Zama-1 well is drawing a lot of attention since it has the potential to be hugely beneficial for everyone involved. Mexico nationalized their oil market in the 1930s, and ever since then the only company that has been able to work in their waters is the Petroleos Mexicanos.

The Zama-1 well is found just off the shore of the Tabasco state in the Sureste Basin. They estimate the well to hold anywhere from 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Premier Oil is expecting to spend $16 million over the duration of the project and they have a 25 percent stake in the company. Talos Energy has a 35 percent stake in the company and they are also the operator of the well. Analysts from Edison Investment Research and Canaacord Genuity Ltd believe that the project has a high change of success. This is due to the location of the Zama-1 well within the basin and the the structure of the basin itself.

Talos Energy acquired the subsidiary of Helix Energy Solution Group, Energy Resource Technology. Energy Resource Technology draws in approximately 16,000 barrels of crude oil every day and they also just had huge success with their Wang exploration. During that project they found more than 100 feet of crude, high quality oil within the Phoenix Field of the Green Canyon Block. This puts Talos Energy in a great position to expand into the Gulf of Mexico and the lower Gulf shore.

Talos Energy was recently named as being the best workplace out of other small business in that area by WorkplaceDynamics. They work to compensate their employees appropriately, but what really draws the eyes of job hunters is that they also give every one of their employees a piece of equity in the company.

Find more information about Talos Energy follow them on Facebook.

NuoDB The Future Of Database

The future of database falls in the hands of the advanced technology of NuoDB.
The goal of NuoDB is to administer a database that can adapt to today’s surfacing software organizations and become easily accustomed to the requirements of several different cloud applications business clients now demand.
Complex clouds that are built on hybrid programs have become simplistic databases to utilize thanks to NuoDB.
Durability is key when it comes to storing or presenting any application on any given database. Therefore, NuoDB has gotten down the complexity of all clouds to fit in to each and every one. One database is all it takes to run this database in a single computer or more than one data center.

NuoDB Is Born:
Based in Cambridge Massachusetts, NuoDB database was first founded in 2008 by architect Jim Starkey. A few years down the road, NuoDB would launch in the hands of Starkey, the initial company innovator, next to software executive Barry Morris. The idea behind NuoDB was to create an innovative database that fuels on the power of SQL to transport technology further than the databases built decades ago. Since, NuoDB has defeated the challenge of the use of computers by providing a tough database adaptable to any cloud. Visit SQL database to know more.