Tech Style Steals Fashion Away From Fast Fashion

One thing that is constant in the fashion industry is change. The change is based on convenience as well as innovation. As a matter of fact, one of the most common forms of successful innovation brings convenience into the equation. This is what Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done with TechStyle. They have solidified themselves to be the latest phase in the fashion industry. They have also shown themselves to be the future of the fashion industry when it comes to the styles and the way of shopping and selling items. In order to understand the future of fashion, it helps to look a little into the past.

For a while, a lot of clothes were sold by department stores. This is where people went for a while because it was the one stop shop for all of the brands that are being sold. This kept them from having to drive around for miles to look at every brand that may not be available in their city in store form. The department stores sold the brands for them. However, people have soon noticed that while there are different brands, the only thing that is different is the logo on the clothes or the tag.

Fast fashion has taken over as the next phase of fashion. It has experienced steady growth over the recent decades because it has brought forth something new and fashionable. It has looked at the styles and interpreted them in a quick manner compared to the department stores. Now, given the internet and mobile technology, customers are ready for a new shopping experience which is more convenient. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have taken advantage of the growing market of online shoppers and have brought forth something that takes full advantage of the online market.

With the foundation of TechStyle, Don Ressler and Adam have adopted the latest ways of doing marketing in a method that is ethical and non-intrusive. Instead of merely advertising to the customers, they have engaged in communities that are relevant to fashion and business. This not only helps solidify their reputation with the online markets but also helps them gain enough trust so that they can profit from their efforts.