Amendment Complaint Filed against Laidlaw and its Bosses by Relmada Therapeutics

Laidlaw was our most valued investment banker and our placement agent in our December 2011, and May 2014 offerings and advisor in our merger with Camp Nine Inc. We, Relmada discussed the possibility of attracting more investors. In April 2015 Laidlaw executed a non-deal road show, but in the summer of 2015 we conveyed our dissatisfaction with the performance only for them to send us a letter and file Schedule 13D with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This disclosed company matters and so we sued them in Nevada federal court where Laidlaw was restrained from disseminating any more materials.

Our company has incurred significant cost in trying to protect you, our stockholders, from Laidlaw. The decline in our stock price indicates the damage we faced in the hands of Laidlaw. The destruction of the market value of our company came at a time when we had made strides with BuTab for chronic pain as well as opioid dependence. We had completed our multiple dose study for neuropathic pain.

Laidlaw and its Legal Violations

This company has a history of violations and a couple of sanctions and censorship against it by state regulators, the SEC and the New York Stock Exchange. For instance, the sanctions by FINRA for failing to report customer complaints between 2007 and 2009.


This investment company once operated under the name Sands Brothers International Limited incorporated in UK. It is also a brokerage company whose main loci is New York. It has had legal problems in the past.As Laidlaw it works as an alternative investment advisor, a manager of portfolios and wealth.

The major personalities in Laidlaw are James Ahern and Matthew Eitner. James Ahern is the managing partner at Laidlaw. He is a graduate of Assumption College from 1998 to 2002.Matthew Eitner joint Laidlaw in 2010. He rose to the position of CEO in April 201.