A Showgirl is Born (video)

During the time I was creating the Showgirl Rag Dolls I thought it would be fun to take photos  of the doll throughout the construction process.

After I uploaded the photos to my computer it hit me….. a slide show! A Showgirl is Born….


Sewing Gloves for a Rag Doll

glovesEver began sewing a  rag doll and thought you’d like to do something different?

How about sewing gloves on her or him? Sewn on gloves makes a lot of sense since they won’t fall off.

The gloves could be mittens made from thrift store sweaters or socks. Maybe garden gloves for a “nature girl” rag doll or how about evening gloves for a more sophisticated rag doll.

My current project, showgirl rag dolls, made me start thinking about the possibility of elbow length gloves. These are the steps I used to create this look.

1. First I took my pattern pieces for the rag doll arms and photocopied them, you could also trace them if you don’t have access to a machine. Draw a line across the arm where you’d like the gloves to stop. Cut at this line, you now have the pattern pieces for your gloves.

2. I chose a stretch velvet and sparkle dance wear fabric. These are great because they don’t unravel when cut so no need to hem. If your fabric does ravel, be sure to add 1/4″ fabric past the line for turning under.

glove image 2

The fabric appears different when turned upside down

Note: when working with velvet remember that there is a nap to the fabric, cut all your pieces the in same direction, see the picture.

3. Cut out fabric pieces for gloves and place on arm fabric of rag doll, right side of doll arm to wrong side of glove fabric. Put a small dot of fabric glue at the

IMG_1132tip of arm and press arm to glove, this helps to keep things from shifting.


Walking foot

4. Use a walking foot, sew across the top of the glove, joining gloves to arms. If you added a seam allowance because your fabric unravels, turn it under before sewing.

5. Right sides together put one arm front with one arm back, pin in place. Sew from center of lower edge up to top, turn over and sew the other side from lower center up.

gloves turn

Partial turn

Note: If the fabric is very thick you might want to do a partial turn, which is to stop sewing about 2″ up the second side, turn the tip of gloved hand inside out, than continue up the second side, (this gives you a good start when turning right side out).

6. Trim seam, clip curves and turn right side out!


Done and stuffed!