JMH and the genius behind it

Jason at Aloft Property

When looking into the real estate market across the U.S., you will eventually come across the ever-growing company called JMH. They are a development company that covers the most searched regions inside this industry, most notably Miami Beach, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Their policy of developing realty of distinct looks, innovative designs, and great architecture has granted them a lot of recognition in this industry. Along their most notable projects is the “Three Hundred Collins”, a breathtaking architectural art in Miami Beach that is surrounded by the best neighborhood and is just a few steps away from the beach, as well as the “South Beach Starwood”, an enormous hotel that is also located in Miami and already received rewards for its unique design.

Jason Activities in Crunchbase Production

However, none of this would be possible without the founder and manager Jason and the Halpern family. This family has controlled the market for generations and has been one of the leading forces in creating innovative properties for commercialization.


The estate developer Jason Halpern is responsible for the unique feel and design behind the most acclaimed properties of JMH. He has a lot of passion for his job as a designer and lead architecture which has led to the creation of distinction among the cities and states he has worked on. This is especially true regarding the importance he gives in maintaining the neighborhood’s culture and feel. Because of that, many of the properties developed by JMH are considered historical landmarks by the local community.

Jason is not only related to the realty industry but has also done a lot of charitable work and embraced philanthropy a long time ago. He organized initiatives with the JMH Company many times with no profit in mind. Most notably, he donated a lot of money to a water providing company with the intention of bringing clean water to Ethiopian and Nepalese people that don’t have access to it.

Jason’s family

His family is also part of the Halpert Trauma Center where he has supported the cause of helping the community by offering surgeries and care for special victims such as pregnant women and children.

Other notable properties he has helped his company developing include a luxurious group of homes called “The Townhouses of Cobble Hill” and a recent building called “70 Henry”, both in Brooklyn.

Where there previously was a supermarket in Long Island City, Jason is now directly helping develop a new group of hotels called “LIC Hilton Hotels,” which is the newest innovative project that JMH is producing and is planned to open in early 2018. Although the project is led by JMH, it is an association with Mettle Property Group.

Listed on the National Historic Register and one of the oldest and most famous projects related to JMH is the 184 Kent, a historically acclaimed building located in Brooklyn. It recently received a major renovation that has adapted it to include the newest technologies and facilities available in other properties.

The Major Changes in Real Estate Thanks to Town Residential

The real estate market in New York City has not changed much in the past 50 years, but it is something that has the chance to change if every real estate agency worked in the same way that Town Residential does. They have changed the game with the success that they have seen, the clients they serve, the expansion that they have done and the growth that they plan on.


As one of the fastest growing real estate companies in New York City, Town Residential is much different than some of the others. They have seen a lot of success and this has translated to them being the best that they can be. It is something that they have strived for and something that they were granted only after a lot of hard work.


The clients that Town Residential has are some of the best in New York City. They have served business moguls, celebrities and others that some agencies can only look at in the tabloid magazines. Town Residential has been successful with these clients because they are able to give them exactly what they want in the real estate industry. This is something that no other agency was able to provide to the clients that they had in the time leading up until Town Residential began to dominate the market.


While Town Residential has been taking up a lot of space in the residential real estate market, they have also been working with a different part of the business to serve people who are in commercial and land development sectors. This is something that has given them the expansion opportunities that they have had in the time that they have been in business. There are many ways in which they have been able to help their clients and the majority of these times have been in residential. With their expansion into commercial properties, they plan to help everyone who needs to have somewhere to purchase in New York City.


Even though Town Residential just opened their tenth office, they are still a really new real estate agency in the city. They have only been in business for three years and this has given them a lot of time to expand to where they want to be. This is not good enough, though, for the best real estate agency in New York City. They have worked to make sure that they are able to grow. They have big plans to expand to different areas and to continue improving their business model.