Rocketship and Learning Are Hand in Hand

What is it about education that you find defining? Is it the high test scores your children receive or is the fact that you are included in each lesson your child learns? What if you could have both? With Rocketship Charter Public Schools, both of these things are possible.

Rocketship is aimed at ensuring that children and parents are both included in how a child learns. By engaging the parents into the lessons of the child, the child and parent are bonding while learning. It helps to bring families closer together while creating solid relationships between the child and parent. It also works to build a closer and tighter relationship between the parent and teacher.

Rocketship does annual home visits to ensure that teacher and parent are both obtaining their wants and needs from families. It also helps to let the teacher now what home life is like for a child which helps them to know how to teach a child more effectively.

Rocketship also believes that all children are entitled to receiving a great education and that can be done with the help of communities and parents. They believe that children who live in lower income levels are denied less education due to their backgrounds and in areas where children are denied this right, Rocketship comes in and opens up a charter school to help give these kids what they are missing out on. This couldn’t be done without the help of communities around them.

Rocketship first opened their doors back 10 years ago. Since the day they opened in a basement in San Jose, Rocketship has made great strides in how children are receiving their educational needs. They work to move forward and close the gap between how children are learning and how hard it can be for them to learn in schools that are over populated and filled with teachers who are less supervised.

For Rocketship, they believe that teachers should always be open to the idea of furthering their own beliefs and knowledge, for this reason, they hold weekly meetings with their teachers to help them learn how to improve and what they can do to help children further their education. All while maintaining a non-profit status.