Securus Technologies is Cracking Down On Inmate Contraband

What if something you use every day could be considered a weapon? For inmates of correctional facilities, the use of what seems to be common to the public are often prohibited for safety reasons. Simple household items like plastic kitchenware and art utensils, to electronics and inmate communication, can be used to carry out violence both inside and outside of prison walls. Former South Carolina Correctional Office, Robert Johnson, often shares his personal story, and the motivation behind his mission to crack down on inmate contraband.


In 2010, after intercepting a package believed to be worth $50,000, Johnson became a victim of inmate retaliation. Shortly after he woke to prepare for his work day, Johnson was startled by a loud sound at his front door. As a veteran in the correctional field, his first instinct immediately told him he was in danger. Fearing that the intruder was there to retaliate against him for intercepting the package weeks before, Johnson called the intruder into his hallways to keep his sleeping wife safe. After a brief struggle, he was shot six times in the chest and stomach. Although doctors warned Johnson’s wife to prepare for the worst, he pushed through and survived the terrifying encounter.


Inmates at the facility where Johnson worked had used a contraband cell phone to arrange his murder. Johnson’s story sheds light on just how easy it is to turn something seemingly so harmless, into a deadly weapon.


Leading provider of inmate technology and corrections monitoring, Securus Technologies, is taking major steps towards putting an end to the use of inmate cell phones. When Evans Correctional Institution inmate Jose Ariel Rivera posted a Facebook Live video showing off a knife, the world was outraged. The threat and danger of inmate contraband have been proven time after time, so what are we going to do about it? Securus Technologies says they have the answer. Several U.S. institutions have already installed Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions software, which prevents cellphones from connecting to the commercial wireless network.


Rick Smith, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Securus says the process of acquiring software like theirs was simplified for correctional institutions by the FCC in March of 2017. The company has invested more than $40 million into the WCS software and is committed to its continued development and the safety of the general public.


Client Testimonials Prove Securus Technologies Products Do Work

Securus Technologies has always been at the forefront of releasing technological advancements that make prisons a safer and more service efficient place. While prisoners are marveling over the new video and call services connecting them with their families, the correctional officers also have a story to tell.


Securus receives countless ‘thank you’ notes from prison wardens and officials from different facilities all over America. Most of these letters carry the same message of gratitude to Securus for providing technological solutions that have assisted in curbing insurgencies within the prison facilities. Rebellion occurs in all manners within the correctional facilities, and if one company has come up with a way to reduce this, it is definitely doing a commendable job.


From what the testimonials reveal, the technology from Securus is making a difference in keeping safety within the prisons. Through tapping and monitoring phone calls, prison officials have been able to recover contraband items in the form of drugs, alcohol or cellphones. Wardens are also able to control any illegal activity within their facilities like perceived threats, and suspicious activities or conversations.


It also seems that the blade cuts both ways as the warden themselves are often caught in the trap as well. One of the testimonials to Securus revealed how a corrupt prison official was netted after phone calls they made within the facilities were tapped and surveilled. If you ask me, Securus definitely have managed to produce a secure system that holds everyone accountable, regardless of which side of the prison bars you are on.


So we are looking at technological advancement that not only keeps prisoners in check but also plays big brother on unsuspecting dubious officials. Securus doesn’t stop there, on average the company is said to release a new product each week that will supposedly transform life within the prison walls. One of them has to be the new video calling service that lets prisoners connect with their families at any time of day wherever they are.