Goettl Air’s Growth In Las Vegas Boosted With Acquisition Of Two New Groups

Goettl Air is an air conditioning company offering a broad range of air conditioning services including installation and servicing of air conditioners. The company recently acquired two groups providing air conditioning services within the Las Vegas region. The firm has set its eyes on growing their services especially in Southwest Nevada, and through the acquisition of Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air, they have got new clients in the rental and residential homes that were previously under their merger partners.

The employees in Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air had no objection to the merger, and the few who had interacted with Goettl Air felt the merger would be a success. The acquisition of the two groups does not only favor Goettl Air to grow its market strength but also seeks to impart more skills to LasVegas Air and Paradise Air employees whose previous skills were limited to only Heating, ventilation, and air condition services.

The merger will also provide an opportunity for the groups to diversify their services into offering solutions in building plumbing. The team will provide its services to the real estate industry, from residential homes to commercial units such as strip malls. Before the acquisition of Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air, Goettl had also acquired some companies in the Las Vegas region dealing in air conditioning and plumbing services.

About Goettl Air

Goettl Air is renowned for its expertise in providing excellent air conditioning services and producing quality products. The company offers an array of services touching on the indoor air conditioning industry including air quality, heating, and ventilation. Goettl’s highly skilled team is committed to outstanding customer service.

Goettl was founded in 1939 and is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The group has been an industry leader for the seventy-eight years it has been in existence. Their success can be attributed to an emphasis on quality, a commitment to innovation, honesty, reliability and visionary leadership.