Orthopedic Surgeries Performed By Dr. Greg Finch

There are a number of common orthopedic procedures. It is important to know about them. These include the revision joint surgery. Here, a pre-existent implant will get changed by a new one.


Repair of bone fractures will always remain an important procedure here. This can be done through internal fixation. In this case, the broken bone pieces will be repositioned by making use of metal plates, and screws along with pins.


Another common procedure is debridement. In this, the soft tissues or bones that have been damaged, are removed.


Fusion of bones will always be a common orthopedic procedure. Here, the bones will be fused by using grafts.


There will be spine fusion. In this case, the spinal bones or the vertebrae will be joined. Another surgical procedure is osteotomy. This helps to correct the bone deformities.


These procedures are conducted by orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch. These are used for treating sports injuries, besides arthritic conditions as well as joint deformities.


Dr. Greg Finch is experienced in arthroscopic procedures. These help to reduce healing times. This is because cameras are being used as they help to minimize cutting.


Next are the fusions being done by Dr. Greg Finch. These help in creating a more stable joint. Another is internal fixations. In this case, a broken joint will be held temporarily by making use of pins and screws.


Dr. Greg Finch specializes in joint replacements. These can be either partial or total. Else, they may be a revision of some surgery that was done earlier. He can do surgical procedures like repairing of soft tissue. This can refer to torn ligaments as well as tendons.


Over the years, arthroscopic procedures are being developed. This will minimize the requirement for opening up the patients. Dr. Greg Finch strongly recommends it.