Ancient Weapon- Trabuco

Time evolves and it evolves technology has also been changing with time affecting how devices work and their usefulness. The change of technology does not only affect devices but also weapons.

Trabuco is one of the ancient weapons that originated from China and was mostly used by European countries. Trabuco is considered to be one of the most dangerous and effective weapons of the old times. The weapon was mostly preferred because of its simplicity as it did not use any kind of mechanism like other weapons including catapults, mangonels, as well as ballistae. Trabuco became more famous due to the way it was developed and its simple maintenance methods on Most fighters used Trabuco because it was able to aim further unlike any other weapon that existed during the time.

Trabuco is a weapon that converts gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy. However, not all energies are transformed into kinetic energy some of the energy is dissolute into sound and heat form. The weapon has been transforming since it was first manufactured. Listed below is how Trabuco has been developing.

The Tensile Trabuco
These were the first weapons and they were operated by men. The weapon was made in a way that it had a beam that enables people to pull it at the end. The first Trabuco was capable of delivering at list four shots per minute. However, it was rarely used due to its complicated con troll operations. The type of Trabuco did not last for long it was only used until the eleventh century.

The Hybrid Trabuco
The first Trabuco which was known as the traction Trabuco was found by the Arab merchants who decided to change its features. They recreated the weapon and they added weight to the short end of the arm. The weight added was of a great advantage as the weapon was now reachable. The hybrid Trabuco was discovered by the Europeans who fell in love with it and they decided to carry it to their home country. According to the Europeans made other changes to the weapon and by the thirteenth century, the weapon was able to carry more than a ton of stones and shooting for long distance. Trabuco existed for more than 300 years.

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