Back to Basics with In-Person Shopping: TheRealReal.Com

Online shopping has become a cultural phenomenon as an thrilling, easy, and time-saving way to shop without the hassle of driving 5 miles to get to a store. On the other hand, most people want to test their product first before having to use it. And, as much as online shopping catches the eyes of the average online user, nothing defeats the in-store experience of shoppers. In any case, having both an in-person and online presence is important to any retail business these days.

One of the biggest attributes online shopping has spawned to everyone’s relief have been e-commerce start-ups. Entrepreneurs who otherwise would have never been able to reach a larger audience in person have done so online. This means thousands of customers situated in one place might be missing out on companies like The RealReal’s incredible schemes and merchandising. The RealReal is an originally online-only retail of garments and jewelry. The premise of The RealReal is a platform for the sale and purchase of previously worn luxurious, high-end items. Their trail of online success has garnished TheRealReal going back to basics and taking advantage of the newly founded phenomenon, pop-stores. Recently, they opened their first physical store in New York as of late 2017. The store is now a permanent in-person dream haven for The RealReal’s online fans. This time in a more luminous setting and in the infamous SoHo neighborhood of New York City. Here, The RealReal’s items are guaranteed in their validity as specialists are hired to heavily inspect and polish garments and jewelry. TheRealReal recognizes the wonder of in-person experience and exchange. TheRealReal first tried out their in-person presence through a pop-up store in New York City back in 2016. The pop-up gained a lot of attention and brought in towering sales to TheRealReal that made them want to consider a permanent street-level shop.

TheRealReal plans to open a number of pop-ups throughout other cities including San Francisco, Las Vegas, plus extra features, workshops, and events in their already evoking SoHo site. The RealReal’s undertaking is significant of the simultaneous trade-off between online and in-store businesses. Their business path is atypical but shows a flush of start-ups that began online and now want to attract a broader audience. Alike The RealReal, online businesses wish to remain both on the internet and on people’s eye vision.

The Making of an Enterprising Digital Marketing Agency

White shark media was established in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs with the aim of bringing world-class experience in both online and offline marketing. They intended to beat the Latin America, United States and the growing SMB markets by offering outstanding yet unprecedented products and services. What changed the game for this digital enterprise is the combination of a domestic and offshore presence with full bilingual and talented employee base. Additionally, they share all the concepts learned with their clients who benefit from their proven concepts as opposed to testing from scratch.

White shark media is now one of the leaders in digital marketing delivering tailor-made solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. They have been recognized as an upcoming digital agency in North America thanks to their reputation for providing excellent customer care experience and engineering cost-effective search engine campaigns. They have also transformed thousands of company who take advantage of their proprietary marketing tools and tactics. What’s more, they are involved in tracking each of their client’s marketing efforts in detail, and this is one of their key components to their success. Through their proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, Google analytics intelligence and keyword-level call tracking they can account for their clients each month.

Keeping close relationships with their employees is one of their greatest strengths which has led to the companies’ tremendous growth. It’s this growth that has put them on the map and led them to be identified by Google in early 2012. White shark media was later invited to Google headquarters in California and a support team assigned to leverage their clients and growth needs more intensively. It’s the partnership with Google that resulted in the firm being awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB partnership in 2014. Given that most of the businesses that receive this recognition are handpicked White shark media was privileged to be among the few companies to receive this prestigious award.