Ricardo Tosto Reports On A Complex Question Of Marriage In Brazilian Courts

Lawyer Ricardo Tosto of the firm Leite, Tosto, and Barros, is one of Brazil’s most renowned law experts in mass litigation, and he takes a keen interest in complex cases. This has led to his interest in a recent case working its way to Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice (STJ). The case involves the complicated division of assets between a husband, wife, and the husband’s 3rd-party partner.

The plaintiff in the case is a woman who was in a long-term and, what was in her words, stable relationship with a married man. The man in question was married to another woman for the duration of his relationship with the plaintiff.

Ricardo Tosto notes that despite the wife not being called to court to testify the STJ chose to annul the prior legal proceedings that recognized the substantive relationship between the husband and the 3rd party plaintiff. As such, the plaintiff cannot benefit from any division of assets. The appeal was filed by her ex-partner.

Under the STJ’s ruling, Ricardo Tosto points out that the plaintiff herself was also separated from the man, but the two were living together at the time. In the plaintiff’s original claim, she explicitly stated that her partner’s wife did not contribute to the assets accumulated during the years of her relationship.

The defendant argued in response that he continued to live with his wife several nights a week during this period, and his relationship with the plaintiff was simply a case of adultery. In Ricardo Tosto’s findings, the husband stated to the court that any new division of assets would hurt the settlement already reached with his ex-wife.

Ricardo Tosto concludes that for all the complexities of the case, it boils down to the simple matter of historic legal precedence. The court has only ever recognized one relationship as valid. Despite the validity of a long-term relationship in normal circumstances, the existence of the defendant’s ongoing marriage precludes any legal recognition of the plaintiff’s relationship.

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Bruno Fagali: Steps To Hiring A Competent Lawyer

If you are an entrepreneur or corporate executive, it’s extremely important that you have a good lawyer on your team. Do you want to hire a competent lawyer in Brazil? Perhaps you’re already aware that Bruno is one of the leading attorneys in Brazil and comes highly recommended. He provides outstanding services to a wide variety of businesses and organizations and is well known throughout the nation.

Bruno Fagali has many years of experience in the legal field and many clients rely on him for expert assistance. As a renowned, Bruno Fagali takes the time to assist his clients. He works closely with clients to determine the best way to address their tough legal issues. Many clients rave about the outstanding service he provides.

When it comes to finding a lawyer or law firm, many people rely on online resources. There are several ways to go about finding a lawyer or law firm to help you with your legal case. It is crucial that you consider the reputation and experience of the attorney or law firm you have in mind.

Every corporate executive or entrepreneur ought to take steps to protect their investments and their company. A good lawyer like Bruno has the expertise and experience to advise and guide you. With the services of a competent lawyer, entrepreneurs and companies can run a successful business.

Whether you are encountering a complex business issue or you are dealing with a minor issue, the advice and guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer can help ensure a good outcome.

With so many lawyers and law firms offering to advise and represent you it can be daunting to decide which one to choose. You need to select a lawyer that has vast experience in the type of legal situation you are facing. Many people choose a lawyer or law firm that has a proven track record in the industry.

Bruno Fagali is a clear choice for any organization, individual or company that wants to retain a powerful lawyer in Brazil. He has a great reputation in the legal community.

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The expertise and contributions of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer who was born in the year 1963. Being one of the flourishing entrepreneurs of the Brazilian law, he continues to make outstanding performances in litigation, business administration among other various legal cases. He acquired his bachelor’s degree in law from the prestigious University of Mackenzie gaining an extension in business administration. He continues to rise in ranks as one of the chief advocates in the Brazilian system of governance. Ricardo Tosto influence molds him to becoming a legal actioner and a strategist. He has left no space for mediocrity and continues to work with centenary companies placing his office among the biggest in Brazil.

Attributes and characteristics

This guy continues to act his plan of actions and defends a wide range of personalities and companies in various cases making him gain a national reputation. Ricardo Tosto represents large multinational organizations and politicians who possess different ideas and opinions. This makes him prolific as many of the cases he handles end up as him being victorious. The governmental and non-governmental organizations continue to uphold his reputation as well as recognize him as a noble person. He is an influential individual and the co-founder, partner at a Group known as Leite, Tosto & Barros Advocates which is one of the largest law firms in Brazil.


Ricardo Tosto law firm gains international recognition as an edition of the Latin law and has an online version in existence. Many across Brazil and the globe at large continue to acknowledge his performance and excellent accomplishments in service delivery as well as the reputation he holds in his official duties. Many continue to recognize him as a scholar and add that his strategies are the most relevant in assisting companies to gain success when faced with litigation issues. His vast knowledge in legal matters of business makes him associate himself with the most successful firms helping them to succeed and attain their set objectives and goals. Ricardo Tosto is an excellent litigator whose experience continues to manifest itself over the years as an art with lots of professionalism.


The Types of Cases That Bruno Fagali Deals With

Brazil has become a very litigious place of late. In the past decades, it was rare to hear about personal or business disputes that had gotten to the level of becoming court cases. However, things have really changed and the smallest disagreements are leading to serious issues in business and also at personal levels. It is advisable to enlist the help of a competent lawyer in making sure that all the business and personal transactions are done in accordance with the law, and Bruno Fagali is the best person to contact for assistance with the process.

The commonest cases that Bruno Fagali deals with are torts. These are cases where one party suffers damages as a result of the careless and reckless actions of another party. These include car accidents, falls and other workplace accidents, medical malpractices and ill practices connected to business. These cases are normally settled out of court, and when you have a competent lawyer such as Bruno Fagali working on the case, the settlement will be favorable and will be made within the shortest time.

When it comes to business, it is important to hire Bruno Fagali on retainer basis because they will go through business contracts, leases and other agreements and ensure that they are legal before you sign them. This will protect you from falling into the trap of going into bad business deals and losing property in the process. Bruno Fagali also helps with litigation in case you have been served with a lawsuit, and he gives you the best possible representation.

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Ricardo Tosto Notes the Temporal Aspects of a Crime under Brazilian Law

Under Brazilian law, there is a doctrine that states that a crime is thought of as taking place at the time of its commission, even if the result of the crime came about later. Thus, it is important to ascertain the time at which the crime took place in order to decide which law to apply, especially to determine whether the defendant could have been at the scene of the crime. It is also important in deciding whether a statute of limitation might be at play.

There are three legal theories about the time at which a crime occurs. The first is the idea of activity, meaning the time when the act of the crime actually occurs. This is the definition actually adopted in Brazil’s Criminal Code.

The second is the result theory, meaning that under this theory the crime occurs when the results become real. On the other hand, the third is known as the mixed theory, which considers both factors above. It considers the time when the act occurred and the result click here.

Courts will normally use the first theory when for official purposes, and the other two theories are mostly discussed in academic circles.

Ricardo Tosto earned his LLB degree from McKenzie Presbyterian University in Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo. Ricardo Tosto’s love of the law led him to establish a law firm that would grow from a single-room suite to become a standard-bearer in the Brazilian legal field. With offices in Sao Paulo as well as Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, Ricardo Tosto& Associates takes cases from clients across Brazil and around the world.

Although Ricardo Tosto is passionate about all aspects of the law, he has left his mark on the profession by changing the nature of civil litigation in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is also an accomplished writer and scholar.

Ricardo Tosto Can Provide Business Legal Guidance

It is advisable to seek legal advice before taking any major step in your business or professional life. Lawyers are trained to guide clients properly, and a most knowledgeable lawyer will strive to provide the best guidance in this regard. If you are in need of quality legal advice or representation in Brazil, regarding business disputes or other matter, get in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – a powerful business law and corporate law litigator.

While the choice of the appropriate business organization structure will depend on a number of things, the primary purpose of most organizations is to safeguard owners from individual responsibility.Operating an organization that is not set up to provide limited responsibility means that the owners are putting all of their personal assets within reach of the organization’s creditors. By working with a legal representative at the inception of the business enterprise, this predicament can easily be avoided.

Business law professionals are also available to outline the internal agreements or contract that controls how a new organization is managed. An example is an LLC operating agreement. In fact, this document should really be outlined with care, as it governs how the establishment’s owners will share profits, make crucial business organization decisions, as well as how to transfer their ownership rights.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has great expertise in business law and comes highly recommended in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to get to know his clients and their organization. Often he finds that rendering outstanding service brings about an overall better experience and an excellent result.When you choose Ricardo Tosto, he make it a top priority to know all the facts about your case and then comes up with an effective strategy to handle the situation. When you hire Mr Ricardo Tosto, your burden becomes his own, and he will stop at nothing to get you the best possible result.Regardless of whether you have been in business for a long times or you are just starting out, Mr Ricardo Tosto will address your business or corporate law needs.

Finding A Good Business Litigation Law

Are you a business manager, organization leader or an entrepreneur in Brazil? Do you need a business lawyer in Brazil?

If you’re facing a dispute that can’t be easily resolved through negotiation or other alternative method, using the services of a lawyer or attorney who provides services for business or corporate disputes may be a good option. You need to retain a business litigation attorney with comprehensive knowledge of business litigation.

Keep clear of costly missteps, protect your legal rights and your company’s interests.

Whether your dispute has to do with partnerships, intellectual property, insurance, data security, breach of duty, finances, or other government entities, business litigation attorneys or law firms can help you find a resolution.

Start looking for a good lawyer by using Internet resources. There are many websites that are dedicated to helping people find a reliable lawyer for their situation.

Lawyers directories offer free, comprehensive directory of qualified law firms in various specialties.

Go with a business litigation attorney with the experience, credibility and record that matters. If you are looking for a top business litigation lawyer in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a good choice.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a seasoned business lawyer and powerful litigator, with an impressive list of clients. He has been helping clients resolve their most complex business matters, including breach of contract, shareholder disputes and other business and corporate conflicts. His extensive list of clients include corporate executives, organization managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians and private individuals.

He strongly seeks litigation solutions short of trial, and he has considerable expertise in alternative dispute resolution methods. When trial is called for, he provides phenomenal experience and skill to the courtroom as well as an outstanding record of success. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to listen to his clients, and be aware of their predicament. Mr Ricardo Tosto operates several reputable law firms in Brazil.