The Significance of Graham Edwards’ Leadership Skills in Telereal Trillium

The role of Graham Edward in steering Telereal Trillium into being a major property market leader in the United Kingdom cannot go unnoticed especially after numerous deals have been carefully seen through in his tenure as CEO.

As a University of Cambridge graduate, Graham’s investment skills and expertise have enabled major deals to be brokered that have caused significant increase in wealth of Telereal Trillium. The portfolio at Telereal is more than 86 million square feet and worth more than £6 billion. Here are some of the main reasons why Graham has been very instrumental in its success.

In December 2001, Graham designed a 30 year partnership between British Telecomholdings and Telereal that resulted into Telereal acquiring 6,700 properties equivalent to 59.2 million square feet. This was a major deal that greatly projected the way forward for Telereal in the property market as well as boosts its profitability. Under the leadership of Graham, the deal result into gradual occupation of property acquired from Telecomholdings and this facilitated smooth transition and remodeling of newly acquired property.

In January 2009, Graham Edward Telereal led Telereal through the successful acquisition of Trillium that was owned by Land Securities Group PLC and changing to the presently recognized Telereal Trillium. This made Telereal Trillium a force to reckon with in the property market inside of the UK which currently houses approximately 1% of the UK workforce presently.

Another great testimony of Graham Edward’s major accomplishments is the presence of quality clients that Telereal Trillium has been able to acquire over the years under his tenure. Barclays, Virgin Media, The Department for Work and Pensions, Royal Mail and the Birmingham City Council are some of the noteworthy corporate clients that Telereal Trillium currently serves. This is a great show of Graham’s leadership qualities in the financial market.