Enhanced Athlete Punches Back Against Predatory Lawsuit

More than 70 companies were targeted for spurious lawsuits by the notorious company Nutrition Distribution. Some of them chose to settle out of court to avoid the sometimes costly and lengthy legal process. But not Scott Cavell, CEO at Advanced Athlete. He wasn’t going to take it sitting down.


The Legal Battle

The scheme of Nutrition Distribution is simple: Send out a flood of cease and desist letters, demanding payment in exchange for a spurious charge of “false advertising.” If companies refuse to respond to the letter, then Nutrition Distribution requests an injunction from a judge, hoping to pressure the company into settling. When Cavell and the folks at Enhanced Athlete got the summons, they chose not to back down and stood up for what they knew was right.


The judge sided with Cavell and Enhanced Athlete, stating that, “Plaintiff’s evidence does not establish a causal connection – or even more than a merely speculative connection – between Defendants’ product and marketing and Plaintiffs’ decrease in sales.” Essentially, the judge threw out the injunction, agreeing with Enhanced Athlete, that this immoral injunction was neither fair nor legal.


When they couldn’t win in the courts, Nutrition Distribution chose to start a smear campaign against Enhanced Athlete, rather than focus on improving the quality of their products and marketing. Enhanced Athlete still will not back down. In a statement, Cavell said, “Enhanced Athlete is not going to be the next victim of Nutrition Distribution’s shakedown scheme.”


More About Enhanced Athlete

Despite dealing with spurious lawsuits and a subsequent smear campaign, Enhanced Athlete continues to put out high-quality, safe, and effective supplements to help athletes meet their body-building goals. With their sister companies, Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear, they provide a total solution for athletes, including the following products and services:


  • Testosterone Builders
  • Fat Blockers
  • Muscle Building Compounds
  • Clothing
  • Gym Bags
  • Sports Equipment
  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Weight Loss Training
  • Sports/Goal Based Coaching


And that’s not all. To see more of what they offer, or to get a custom made plan for yourself, visit the Enhanced Athlete webpage here, and work out with the company that can stand up for itself, and for you.

Dr. David B. Samadi has been Contributing As a Chairman of Urology

David B. Samadi Career Background & History

Impressively enough, there really isn’t anything that Dr. David B. Samadi has not accomplished as a prominent individual in the medical industry. As a matter of fact, if we had to describe his career in a few words, there is no description of it that would no be considered an understatement. In other words, Dr. David B. Samadi has done so much more in his career than he is given credit for. In reality, he has accomplished so much more than most of his peer. This just goes to show how hard-working an dedicated Dr. David B. Samadi is. In addition to this, Dr. David B. Samadi has established himself as one of the most highly-regarded medical professionals around. His brilliant skills have allowed him to reach a global presence as a medical expert. Also, with his vast knowledge and skills as a urologist and medical expert, he has also become one of the most sought-after professionals in the entire industry. If this does not show how great Dr. David B. Samadi is at what he does, who knows what else will? With all of that said, there is still plenty more to Dr. David B. Samadi’s successful ways as a medical expert. So, to fully understand his work and how he has managed to achieve so much, here is more on Dr. David B. Samadi and his current state as a medical professional.

More on Dr. David B. Samadi & Current State as a Professional

Worth repeating, there are many ways Dr. David B. Samadi has reached the level of status he has today. As a true medical professional, Dr. David B. Samadi has made it a priority to diversify his knowledge in his field. For this reason, and many other factors is why Dr. David B. Samadi is as respected as he is as a medical expert. Currently, Dr. David B. Samadi has been contributing as a Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. His Valued efforts in this role have brought him much deserved attention as well. Not only have his contributions here help grow the hospital in many ways, they have also helped establish a legacy for him as a distinguished medical professional. All in all, there is no denying his greatness and effectiveness in his profession. There is no doubt that he will continue in his successful ways.

For details: www.nydailynews.com/authors?author=Dr.-David-Samadi

Dr. Mark Holterman’s Career and Role in Mitigating Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Mark Holterman serves at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine as a full professor. He has worked in this institution since 2012 and now lives in Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Mark also attends as a pediatric surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Illinois and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. For the record, Dr. Mark is an active member of various professional organizations that include American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Mark is a specialist in pediatric surgery, and his research interest is mainly centered in regenerative medicine, obesity, novel cancer treatments, and stem cell therapies. Dr. Mark has over 29 years of experience and has received four awards in his career.

Dr. Mark Holterman attended Yale University where he specialized in biology and graduated cum laude. He later studied at the University of Virginia where he earned a Ph.D. and MD. Dr. Mark then studied general surgery at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. Through the University of Washington, Dr. Mark also completed a residency in pediatric surgery fellowship at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Mark served at Rush University Medical Center and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as a chief surgeon. Dr. Mark is overly committed to advanced medicine in finding medical solutions for impending health conditions such as diabetes. For this reason, Dr. Mark now work with American Diabetes Association.

Know more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-mark-holterman#/entity

American Diabetes Association announced its collaborative efforts with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in fighting against type 2 diabetes that is prevalent in teenagers and children. The two initiated Camp PowerUp experience particularly to improve on youth engagement in physical activities. The program is targeting to educate the young generation on how to make proper and healthy food choices. This program is mainly projected to cut on type 2 diabetes prevalence in young people aged between 8 and 16 while helping them to lead healthy lifestyles. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Health Grove.

The two organization have proposed to execute this noble program in day camps, parks, churches, and during after school hours. This innovative program has widely been reckoned for its primary goals and nature of creativity particularly in planning and implementation. Visit linkedin.com to view Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile.