Brian Torchin – Leading HCRC Into The Future

Brian Torchin is the current president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, an agency whose main mission is to enhance hiring experience especially in the medical field. This is possible as the team possesses high levels of knowledge and experience in hiring. Brian Torch is a real veteran of the industry of Healthcare.

He began his career when he started and managed offices in Florida, Delaware and Philadelphia. He has quickly risen to be the top healthcare recruiter globally and has expanded the operations of HCRC to Europe and Asia.

His experience as an expert in chiropractic practice helped Brian familiarize himself with the staffing industry. With the expansion of knowledge through experience on what was needed to establish and maintain a high quality chiropractic facility, Brian Torchin and the HCRC staff had a goal to provide healthcare clientele made of the best staff possible.

In order to ensure that there is effective communication between clients and physician, HCRC offers additional availability over the weekends and during the nights.

NursingJobsCafe reported that clients as well as the colleagues describe Torchin as an individual who always provide comprehensive solutions to the problems of his clients and is regarded as a constant provider of qualified candidates to firms and organizations that seek his help.

For many years, Brian Torchin has been known to be an individual who is detail-oriented and one holding a positive view of the business world regardless of the sluggish economy.

He follows a mantra of creating and maintaining long-term relations with the clients. He is known to be a provider of solutions to his customers and employees while still maintaining the respect for the clients’ wishes.

Torchin frequently posts on the HCRC Staffing site tips on several topics. These topics include tips on the best ways of hiring staff members effectively through social media such as LinkedIn, the potential pitfalls one is likely to find themselves in during the process of hiring a chiropractor and the precautions that should be taken by medical practitioners so as to ensure they operate an outstanding doctors office. Torchin uses all his energy, resources and time just to make sure that his clients are treated the best and realize the best results.

According to an article on Indeed, Brian Torchin’s honesty, professionalism and integrity in his work cannot be matched to any other recruiter. He is by far the top most recruiter in the USA.