NPG Van Provides Useful End-Of-Quarter Tips

A few weeks ago, NGP Van published an article that provided tips for better end-of-quarter for campaigns. Here are the tips the company offered.

NGP Van’s Tips
The first tip the company provided was to keep a few email ideas in the back of your mind, but make sure the ideas aren’t that difficult to implement. Such ideas included asking donors to explain why they donated to your campaign, as well as redirecting donors to a question sheet that asks them why they decided to give to your campaign.

The second tip was to write emails in advance, and this includes the body of the email, the subject line and things of that nature. Create multiple emails and then get a feel which ones are performing the best.

The third tip is to become as organized as possible, which you can do by creating a calendar specifically for your end-of-quarter. Track everything from emails you sent out to which emails are on the back burner. The more organized you are the better.

Those are simple tips, but they can come in handy and they are effective.

More About NGP VAN
NGP Van is a web hosting service provider, as well as a vote database that is privately owned. Various non-profit organizations use it, but only if they have been given authorizing by the Democratic Party to do so. The company is based in Washington DC, but they also have a location in the city of Somerville, Massachusetts. It is used for purposes such as fundraising and field organizing, as well as other things of that nature.

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The company offers a range of products. These products serve various functions, such as making it easier for organizations and campaigns to contact supporters, voters and to collect data to name a few. Another product, VoteBuilder, tracks interesting between campaigns and potential votes.

You can learn more about NPG VAN’s products and the company itself by visiting their website today.