Avaaz is a civic organization that encourages global activism and climate change. It also encourages human rights, animal rights and wants promote attention on corruption, conflict and poverty. It is pretty much the worlds biggest online activist network and the most powerful as well. Avaaz is a persian name that means song or voice. Azaaz has been fonded by res publica who is a community of public professionals that are dedicated to promoting governance, virtue and democracy. Move on.org is also part of this and is a non profit organization. Service employees internation union is also a partner. Ricken patel is a co founder of the group. Avaaz has a president and director who happens to be ricken patel.

The organization does alot to prevent corruption and so forth and the organization works very hard to grow and make sure that all its employees feel safe and secure when doing things and handling issues. Human rights is defitely a big issue and avaaz adress this in the right way. Safety and security is what people are looking for and they want it right away and the want to feel safe. Be given human rights is important and this what the people need to have in this day and age. Ricken patel has studied ppe in ballliol college and at oxford university. He was able to get a masters in publci policy and this happneed to be from havard univessity. He was able to work for an international crisis group that was worked around the world. He worked very hard to accomplish human rights and bring about as much an end to corruption as possible. This included years of hard work and lots of experience but he was alblet to accomplish it. People very much appreciate this and ask him how he did it.