The OSI Food Solutions Awards

The OSI Food Solutions recently won the Global Visionary award which was presented to the Group’s chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. This award is presented to candidates or firms that indicates vision, perseverance, and success in accomplishing their goals. This means that the award is given to candidates who have realized their dreams. In 2016, the visionary award was presented to Sheldon Lavin. Mr. Lavin was presented with the honor due to his endless efforts in the firm. He turned the company into a multi-billion-dollar company. Currently, the firm operates in 17 different countries with 65 facilities across the globe.

OSI Group has also received several awards. Recently, it won the 2017 International Safety Award from the British Council. The firm was presented with this award due to its healthy and safe practice and management in their operations. This was not the first time OSI Food Solutions received the award. To be more precise, the British Council has presented the International Safety Award to OSI Food Solutions 11 times. Additionally, OSI Group has received the UK sword of Honor Award. The award is given to the firms that have demonstrated quality in health management and safety risks in their practices.

OSI Food Solutions Doubles the Production of Chicken

Recently, OSI Group expanded their Spain’s facility to incorporate the high-capacity production of chicken. The Group stated that the expansion costed a total of 17 million euros. The developments come after the increase in the demand for the chicken across Portugal and Spain. According to the regional Chief Operations Officer, José María del Río, the application of poultry products has been increasing with 8% for the last three years. OSI group plans to double the production of chicken from 12,000 tons of chicken. According to OSI Group, the double output will have an overall effect on the performance of the company. For Instance, the company will produce 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork food products. Additionally, the expansion will have a positive impact on the society by creating 20 more jobs.

To ensure maximum production, OSI Food Solutions has availed facilities to support the high-capacity production of chicken. Moreover, they have established a production hall to support maxima production.

OSI group recently acquired the Tyson Food Plant in Chicago to increase production in North America. Additionally, the group purchased Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group. They later renamed it Creative Foods Europe in January 2018.

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OSI Industries Awarded Globe Of Honour For Tremendous International And Local Efforts

OSI Industries is a company that provides solutions for other business to obtain food products and apportion them accordingly within that company. OSI Industries has the honor of being awarded many awards over the years. They are a company that has grown and expanded rapidly. With so much growth they have caught the eye of many as they sweep the world with products and solutions to providing products with a level of grace unmatched to other companies.

OSI Food Solutions is a company based originally within the UK. Over the years they have acquired more operation sites throughout the globe. British Safety Council has been impressed with the work of OSI Industries. OSI has a goal to make sure the production and distribution of their product is eco-friendly. They desire to reduce the amount of environmental risk and harm that could be done to the environment. With their excellent work in this area British Safety Council has awared them the coveted Globe of Honour Award for the year of 2016. This award is given to company across the planet. Out of all the organizations in the world, British Safety Council only distributed this award to 18 organizations. OSI Food Solutions and Industries was one of them. OSI Industries is a company that has non stop innovation. Innovation that even has them acquire other companies to further their agenda of safely supply food products to companies.

OSI Industries has also acqured several companies and organizations to enhance their ability to service clients. Some of these companies include Baho Food and Tyson Food Plant just to name a few. These companies will help further a goal OSI Industries has for their employees. OSI seeks to give a holistic approach to how they handle the workload of staff. They want staff to be challenged in their work, but also find it enlightening and enhancing their personal performance level as a worker. With OSI constantly rewarding employees for their work and offering opportunities to staff, they easily weed out non passionate workers. They share the mindset to be passionate, driven, and having an open mind to unorthodox solutions to solve complex issues.

OSI Industries will more than likely continue to innovate. With this innovation spreading worldwide, it is no wonder they received the Globe of Honour Award. OSI Industries is changing how companies operate. With a goal to impact the world, meanwhile, empowering staff to develop new skills and grow people with purpose who have a sense of wholeness and belonging.

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David McDonald Is Keeping OSI Group On The Winning Track:

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer, President and Board Member for OSI Group, LLC. David was born and raised on a farm in Iowa and attended college at his native Iowa State Universtiy in Ames Iowa. When David graduated from Iowa State in 1987 he embarked on his long business career with OSI Group that has seen him rise through the ranks to the top. David came into his career with OSI Group as a project manager who was given the project of expanding OSI Group’s operations in Asia. David is fully committed to OSI Group’s global expansion drive that was initiated by Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Sheldon Lavin beginning in the 1970s. David takes particular pride in the company’s achievements in China as the Asian market has been close to his heart since his earliest times with the company. He was recently thrilled with the opening of the tenth OSI Group facility in China. David also works hard at maintaining OSI Group’s long term sustainability by continuing to foster the company’s tradition of being a family-values oriented workplace that treats both customer and employee as valued family members. This environment is a major contributor to the fact that OSI Group has very low employee turnover and very high retention of long-term customers.

David has also been working hard on OSI Group’s footprint in Europe recently. The company has acquired Baho Food and Flagship Europe. These acquisitions have been described by David McDonald as a huge boost to the company’s portfolio. He expects that the additions of Baho and Flagship to the OSI family will bring in many new, high profile accounts. OSI has also recently announced that Flagship Europe will be rebranded as Creative Foods Europe. These acquisitions coincided with the massive upgrades made to OSI Group’s facility in Toledo, Spain. Improvements to the production line at that facility have led to a much-needed increase in chicken production. The facility is now producing in excess of 24,000 tons of chicken per year in its drive to give its Spanish and Portuguese customers the very best in customer service.

OSI also announced big news on the homefront with the recent purchase of the former Tyson food facility located in Chicago, Illinois. The location is now the newest OSI Group food processing facility and the second operated by the company in the Chicago region. The expectation is that this will lead to a massive increase in production for the company in this critical market.

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OSI Industries Growing Fast

Excellence is more than a single act; it is a habit. OSI industries has excelled profoundly in the food production industries. The company has been ranked highly among America’s top companies. Their success can be attributed to the company’s keenness on ensuring consumer satisfaction. Their production is mainly inclined towards meeting the consumers’ immediate desires and needs. Uniformity its products in all the chain stores distributed in about 17 countries have also won the company ardent consumer loyalty.

Environmental protection remains one of OSI industries’ key goal. The company has successfully developed an environmental management system that meets the five-star threshold standard of the ‘British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme.’ On November 25th, 2016, Kelly Grimwood, OSI Industries’ Environmental Manager received a prestigious globe of honor award on behalf of the company.

Recently, OSI industries acquired a convenience food manufacturer, Boha Food. The company is assured of intensifying its presence in Europe as well as reaching out to its customers strategically and thus meeting their needs. On the other hand, Boha Food executives are confident that the merger would better place its product in the food market owing to OSI’s excellent relationship with its customers and suppliers as well.

Consumer satisfaction being its strength, expansion of manufacturing units has become the way to go for OSI industries. This is with the sole aim of satisfying the evolving demand. In North America, the company bought the Tyson Food facility in Chicago which was on the verge of closure after laying off a better part of its stuff. The move not only broadened its production network but also indicated business growth.

Demand for OSI industries’ chicken products has been rising significantly over the years in Spain and Portugal. The company has therefore expanded its production network in these countries. It has heavily invested in the construction of nitrogen tanks, waste storage rooms, a kitchen, shipping and receiving area as well as a social space for its employees. Taking note of the high amount of energy consumed in meat production, the unit employs energy efficient systems which utilize waste energy from refrigeration units.

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